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How to Check Your RV for Water Damage

Oh, those April showers are here! While waiting around for the wonderful warm weather to arrive, now is a good time to check out how your RV has fared throughout the winter. Between cleaning and de-winterizing, there is a lot to do, but you’ll definitely want to make sure that your RV hasn’t suffered any water damage. This unfortunate plight can happen at any time of the year, but water damage may be more likely to occur after a long winter, melting snow, and spring rain showers. Here are some helpful tips from your favorite Muskegon RV dealer on how to check your RV for water damage so that you can spot it early and make repairs before bad damage gets in the way of this season’s RV fun!

Don't Take Anything At Face Value

A huge brown right is a sure indicator of water damage, but it may not always be that easy to spot! Make sure to open up all cabinets and compartments, feel around with your hands to see if there any soft spots, and think outside the box. What about your under-bed storage compartment? Behind the TV? Water can get in anywhere, and it shows no mercy!

What To Look For When Checking For Water Damage

The biggest indicators of water damage are going to be the presence of mold, mildew, or any condensation built up on windows. It’ll look pretty gross, and it’s basically like a big red beacon that you’ve going some moisture problems going on! Don’t be afraid to use your hands though, as softness in the walls or disfiguration of walls is a clear indicator of water damage.

Checking The Exterior

Start from the outside in when looking for water damage in your RV! Again, if you see any weirdness in the sidewalls, there should be some alarms going off in your head! Look for any weird colors, bumps in the sidewalls, or rust stains. Don’t forget to take a close look at any and all seams and gaskets.

Checking The Interior

Just because you don’t find anything on the exterior of your RV doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check the interior for water damage. Leave no stone unturned! As mentioned before, water damage inside your RV will be really easy to spot or feel, but make sure to check any and all possible areas before it’s too late and the damage is too extensive!


When in doubt, check your owner’s manual. Sometimes we feel like a broken record saying that, but an owner’s manual is like the golden ticket for all things specific to your particular RV. Pretty much any project you may be undertaking, there will be some useful info about it in the owner’s manual!

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Even if you’re hanging onto your current RV a little longer, our fantastic service department is always here to help with repairs and help you through RV maintenance, including dealing water damage. If you find that your water damage is too much, give us a call and our techs will take a look!

What other tips do you have for checking your RV for water damage? Leave us a comment with your suggestions!

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