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Pre-Trip Checklist

Ready for your next camping trip? Not so fast! As exciting as it can be, it is not going to do anyone any favors by throwing all your equipment in the RV willy nilly and hurriedly hitching up and moving out. You'll have so many things to remember when getting the RV ready for your next big trip, so a keen eye and attention to detail is a must!

Use this pre-trip checklist we here at Lakeshore RV, your #1 RV dealer in West Michigan, have compiled to help you out! We don't mean any disrespect; some of these suggestions are so glaringly obvious that it may seem patronizing, but we wouldn’t be mentioning these things if they had never happened before! Behind every warning label is a story, and that’s no exception to RV’s, just ask the techs over in our service department… Everyone makes mistakes and it's easy to get distracted when camping fun is just around the corner! Here is our pre-trip checklist!

Tools, Leveling Equipment

Double, then triple check that you have all this equipment with you! Nothing could be worse than getting to the campground, realizing you need to run out for wood blocks and have to start the whole setup process all over again. Or worse, you’d have to make do in a wobbly RV for your trip. Not fun!

Wheel chocks
Wood blocks
Hitch equipment
Stabilizer jack wrench (for manual jacks)

Take A Look At The Tires

Sure, some stuff on this list you could accidentally leave behind and you could make do, but that is not true at all of your RV’s tires! Without tires, you will not be moving an inch, let alone making it to your wonderful campsite! Check the tires a few times over, and rotate them if they need it.

Lug nuts
Look for cracks, flat spots, worn tread

Make Sure Everything Is Secured

If you have items that you had to attach yourself, you’ll just want to double check that they 100% have been buckled, locked, strapped down, or whatever else you need to do to avoid some crazy losses on the highway! Although it’s rare, it does happen, so just promise us you’ll double check?

Bike rack
Cargo rack
Storage compartment doors (make sure they’re locked)
Main entry doors
Landing jacks (make sure pins are in place)
The RV itself (you never know!!!)

Secure Inside Items

Cupboard and refrigerator doors aren’t like bank safes – they can fly open and spill their contents everywhere. Untethered furniture can whip around like they’re in a tornado. And the medicine cabinet? You could spend the first part of your trip picking up jam jars and prescription bottles. Avoid that irritation and to a quick check to make sure all interior loose items are secured!

Refrigerator/freezer doors
Cupboard doors
Free-standing dinette table and chairs
Entertainment center/overhead cabinets
Medicine cabinet
Loose items on counters
Decor (especially on walls and counters)

Before You Drive Away…

This probably sounds ridiculous, but we have absolutely seen it all here at Lakeshore RV Center. Mistakes happen, and they can be disastrous and costly too. Although some of these points are more applicable if you’re leaving your campsite rather than from your home, you’ll want to really make sure that every component of this list is put in it’s proper position before you drive away. Check before you leave home just to be safe, especially if you have hook-ups at home and use your RV in your yard on a regular basis.

Raise up steps
Raise stabilizer jacks
Bring in the slide outs
Disconnect power cords, water lines, sewer lines…
Remove wheel chocks
Bring in the awning
Close roof vents
Lower antennas
Close windows

Whew! Did you make it through the checklist? Go do it again! You can never be too safe, so think of this pre-trip checklist as a bit of a lifesaver! You wouldn’t want to forget, lose, or destroy anything when you’re supposed to be enjoying the great outdoors!

Did we forget anything? Leave us a comment! Don’t forget to head down to Lakeshore RV, where we have hundreds of the nation’s best RVs for sale in Muskegon, MI! Save $1000s on the best RVs on the market, and get the advice of our incredibly knowledgable RV specialists! Hopefully you won’t get to know the service department too well, but if you stick to this pre-trip checklist, the occasional visit for routine maintenance will suffice!

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