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A Recommended RV Maintenance Checklist

Here's a recommended RV maintenance checklist to print out and keep in your RV or garage, or wherever you'll see it often so you don't forget about important RV check-ups.


  • Check oil

  • Check battery electrolytes

  • Compartment clean

  • Cooling fins clean

About 50 hours

  • Change oil & filter

  • Clean air filter

  • Clean fuel pump filter

About 100 hours

  • Replace spark plugs

  • Replace breaker points

  • Check electric connections

  • Tighten mounting hardware

  • Check exhaust/clean spark arrestor

200 hours

  • Replace fuel filters

  • Clean crankcase breather

500 hours

  • Check tappet clearance

  • De-carbon cylinder heads


  • Clean awnings- 2x/year

  • Wipe down slideout gaskets- 2x/year

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