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Choosing the Right Truck for Your 5th Wheel

Choosing a truck to pull your fifth wheel can seem like a chore. To make the process a little easier for you we’ve created this Guide for Choosing the Right Truck for Your 5th Wheel RV.   Long bed vs. Short bed A long bed truck is what should be used to tow your fifth wheel. Short bed [Read more…]

25 Must Haves While RVing

Camping is an activity everyone looks forward to and enjoys. Not everything always goes as planned while on a trip. Lucky for you we have created the 25 Must Haves While RVing. Whether it’s an emergency situation or something to make your camping experience a little more comfortable, we have listed the most important and helpful [Read more…]

The Perfect RV Getaway Along the Shores of Lake Superior

I know a little something about Michigan’s Upper Peninsula having spent five years living there, while attending Northern Michigan University in Marquette. I did quite a bit of traveling all around the Upper Peninsula during my time there. There were many places that I would recommend as must-see places when RV camping in Michigan’s Upper [Read more…]