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Travel Trailer Storage

Interior of a new Premier Ultra Lite Travel Trailer by Bullet from Lakeshore-RV.com

Every inch of storage space counts when you’re on the road. That’s why we’ve scoured the best home organization blogs, checklists, and DIY guides on the Internet to bring you our top 20 low and no-cost tips for keeping the inside of your RV travel trailer organized.

  1. Pack safely by layering bubble wrap or non-skid liner between your dishes. Can koozies will help protect your favorite glasses, too.
  2. Store grains & pasta in airtight containers, and keep hidden away in a cool microwave or oven when not in use. This is a great way to keep out unwanted critters and utilize unused space.
  3. Use self-stick magnet strips to secure and show off photos. Lightweight plastic photo sleeves can also be Velcroed to the wall to display photos.
  4. Use extra large air-tight or vacuum-packed bags to store linens like sheets & blankets in your underneath storage areas.
  5. Easy-to-remove hooks from 3M won’t leave residue on your walls and they’ll come in handy for your bathrobe, kitchen tools, cables, and other hangables.
  6. Cut 2-3” PVC tubes into 4” lengths and adhere the pipes to the inside of cabinet doors. These work great to store coiled cords and hair appliances.

    DIY PVC Tube Appliance Storage

    Cut 2-3” PVC tubes into 4” lengths and adhere the pipes to the inside of cabinet doors. These work great to store coiled cords and hair appliances.

  7. Recycle old plastic jelly & mayo containers to hold beans, rice, flour, and sugar.
  8. You can also recycle old Rx containers (remove the label) to hold spare keys or an emergency stash of quarters for laundry.
  9. Old laundry detergent bottles work great for safely storing used motor or cooking oil. Just make sure your cap is super tight and the bottle is labeled.
  10. Store sheet sets inside the matching pillow case.
  11. Free up drawer space by putting silverware upright in recycled cans (Chunky Soup or Pringles cans work good) or containers covered with cute shelf liner. The cans should be secured to a shelf or counter with strong Velcro tape. This also makes for easy transport to the picnic table outside.
  12. Keep baby wipes on-hand for easy stain removal, and re-purpose the plastic container for storing everything from small documents to makeup, to kitchen gadgets, and a first aid kit.
  13. Using painter’s tape and magnetic chalkboard paint, create your own message board on the front of a cabinet or closet door. Important notes and paperwork can be attached with magnetic binder clips.
  14. Leave the iron at home and de-wrinkle your clothing with a solution of 50/50 fabric softener and water. Lightly spritz over your clothes and press the wrinkles out by hand, then let air dry.  Keep the solution on-hand in a spray bottle to use for freshening up your RV cushions and carpet.
  15. Clean your cast iron pots & pans with coarse salt and a soft sponge. The salt is a natural abrasive and will lift away grease and food residue, and will preserve the pans seasoning. Rinse away salt and wipe dry.
  16. DIY Tension Rod Cupboard Dividers

    Short tension rods work great for keeping slim items standing  upright in your cupboard, leaving space for dishes.

    Create cupboard dividers with short tension rods positioned vertically every couple inches. This is great for separating cutting boards and platters, and frees up shelf space.

  17. Keep moths and other insects at bay by taping Bay Leaves inside your cabinets.
  18. Fruits and veggies will last longer in your fridge if you rinse & store in an air-tight bag with a folded paper towel. The paper towel will limit rotting.
  19. Use a pop-up laundry hamper or laundry bag that can be folded flat when not in use.
  20. Wipe counters frequently to reduce ant trails. Ants will be attracted to water in your sinks and tanks, so make sure they’re emptied when not being used.

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  1. MarjorieElaine Peirce says

    I don’t have a trailer or RV but many of these ideas will work great for homes… especially smaller homes. IE: PCV pipe for curling irons, etc. I’m going to use that idea as a means to organize my extra extension cords, bungie cords, etc. It will free up my drawer and keep them from tangling. I’m attaching the PCV to a board that will be screwed into the wall of my coat closet.

    I’ve been doing the paper towel in the bag with fruits and veggies for several years. It keeps mushrooms from drying out and lettuce from rotting.

    I’m going to try 14 & 15. I have a friend with a trailer that uses the old fashion silverware holder (found at Goodwill) when they are parked, and then places the silverward in heavy duty zip lock bags and places the bags in the floor of the closet or the storage under the bench, when they are traveling. Air tight containers are a great way to store pet food and treats. Pet dishes are stored in zip lock bags when not in use to ensure no insects are drawn to them. I personally place guest towels and sheets in air tight bags with a fabric softner sheet in the bag. Helps them to remain smelling nice and not stale. Three times a year, I remove them (if they haven’t been used) and rewash them – storing with a new fabric sheet.

    Thank you for sharing

    • Carolyn Hogan says

      At the dollar store and Wal-Mart. Most WalMart stores have an RV dept. It should be in Automotive..

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