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RV Finance Rate Checker

Headed to an RV Show? Use this handy tool to find out what your finance rates could be before heading out.

Bookmark this page, or save it on your phone for use at the RV Shows and dealerships this year.

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Price Checker Experiences

Matthew Keevan | Grand Rapids, MI
“Ok, so this is a fantastic tool for price shopping! It’s ridiculously easy to use, and goes a long way to preventing some serious rip-offs on the cost end of things.”

Richard Longman | St. Petersburg, FL
“I’m really not sure how I ever thought shows and conventions offered great deals on pricing – this price checker blows that theory right out of the water! Thanks for offering this service!!”

Stacee Wilson | Whitehall, MI
“We just love how handy this thing works - see something you like, punch it in, and it will tell you if there is a better deal elsewhere! Hint: quite often there is.”

Roger Whitlow | Elkhart, IN
"Great Jumping Jehosephat!!! Talk about a life-changer!! This amazing app paid off our school loans, repainted our old Studebaker, and freed a bunch of puppies from the pound! Just consider us lifelong fans!!!"