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RV Delivery Services

There are many benefits to this service:

  • Complete transaction from start to finish
  • Lowest shipping & delivery rates available
  • Fully insured from our store to your door
  • Bonded & insured drivers
  • Personalized attention, including a phone call once your RV has left our dealership and updates if there is a delay along the way
  • Live GPS tracking the whole way
  • Lowest brokerage fees
  • Trusted & reliable brokers
  • Delivery documents for broker free of charge
  • Complete show-through by driver upon arrival
  • Delivery in 24 hours to 10 days

Lakeshore RV Delivers

  • Fifth Wheels
  • Travel Trailers
  • Park Models
  • Motorhomes

Live Tracker for U.S. and Canadian RV Deliveries

One of the many features brought to you with RV delivery exclusively through Lakeshore RV.

U.S. RV Delivery

Lakeshore RV proudly delivers RVs across the 48 contiguous states, with special consideration being made for Alaska and Hawaii. In just a few simple steps, our customers can have their new RV delivered right to their door from our store:

  1. Our sales staff has years of experience of shipping domestically and will be happy to work with you.
  2. The shipping rate will be determined by current gas prices and is subject to change without notice. Once a rate has been contracted on a purchase agreement, it is guaranteed.
  3. Map Quest will be used to determine the distance and route from our dealership to the delivery destination.
  4. Before the driver leaves the dealership for delivery, two (2) things must happen: a copy of the form of payment must be submitted to the salesperson, and finance customers must supply a copy of their driver's license and insurance to the salesperson.
  5. Our customer will receive a call once our driver leaves our dealership to begin the journey and will stay in touch in case of a delay along the way.
  6. Upon arrival, our driver conducts a complete walk-through with the customer. He delivers all the necessary documents to the customer that need to be signed.
  7. The driver will collect payment for the RV that must be in the form of a cashier's check or money order. Personal checks are not accepted.

Canadian RV Delivery

Lakeshore RV provides all of the necessary paperwork needed to go through customs. There are two (2) ways to go about having your RV delivered over the US/Canadian border:

  1. The RV can be delivered on the U.S. side of the border. This avoids the fee of a Border Crossing Agent, which is estimated to cost around $500. Our customer can then take the RV across the US and Canadian border. Upon entering Canada, the GST and Canadian Tire Inspection Fee ($195) must be paid.
  2. The RV can be delivered on the Canadian side of the border. In this case, our customer must arrange for a Border Crossing Agent to prepare the necessary paperwork for the RV to cross the border and the GST must be paid. The Border Crossing Agent must be paid a "Services Rendered" fee by the customer. Before calling the Border Crossing Agent, Canadian Customs should be called at 403-344-3772. They will tell the customer exactly what is needed in order to transport the trailer over the border. Record the Customs' agent's name for future reference. At the Border Crossing Agency on the U.S. side, the Agency provides the driver with a packet that contains the documents required for crossing over the border. The customer is required to have a copy of Form 1 showing that all necessary taxes and fees have been paid.
The Registrar of Imported Vehicles will not issue a federal inspection form or any specific modification information for a vehicle with an unpaid file. The compliance status of every vehicle entering Canada through the RIV system is shared with all provincial and territorial licensing jurisdictions. Non-compliance with the Motor Vehicle Safety Act may result in a refusal to license, or a revocation of an existing registration. The driver will provide our customer with the necessary documents that need to be signed and will collect payment for the new RV.

International RV Delivery

Few dealerships have the experience with international delivery of RVs than we do. If you're interested in one of our RVs but you live outside the United States, don't let that stop you. Talk to one of our representatives about our international delivery options. We offer Canadian financing through Canadian RV dealers based out of Canada. Work with a dealer who specializes in saving Canadian customers thousands of dollars. The brokerage, transport, and financing is as easy as 1-2-3!

SHIPPING RATES Shipping rates are determined based on current gas prices and are subject to change without notice. Also tolls and ferry charges can affect the final charge. Once a rate has been contracted on a purchase agreement, it is guaranteed.

"MAPQUEST" is used to determine the distance from the dealership to where the customer would like to take delivery.

SCHEDULE DELIVERY Now that you've made your purchase, it's time to get your delivery scheduled. Our delivery schedule is on a first come, first served basis. Generally we can have your new RV to you within 24hours to 10 days as long as it's in stock.

DELIVERY PROCESS Our drivers are bonded and insured. The RV is insured until you accept the delivery. The drivers will stay in contact with you when they leave the dealership in case of any delays. The driver will provide you with the necessary documents that need to be signed and he will collect your payment for your new RV.

PAYMENT OF RV Final payment must be made in the form of a cashiers check or money order. The form of payment must be copied and sent to your salesperson in advance of the driver leaving the dealership for delivery. Personal checks are not accepted. Finance customers are required to supply a copy of their driver's license and insurance in advance of the trailer leaving the dealership.

Recommended International Agents

When shipping internationally, it's important to use a recommended international shipping agent! There are many benefits to this:

  1. An experienced agent will provide an up-front shipping quote
  2. There are No Application Fees!
  3. They offer competitive rates and terms
  4. They are fully insured & bonded
  5. They offer customs clearance at the destination

After the "Quote" is accepted, the agents will schedule space on a ship and reserve any containers or "Flat Racks" needed for the shipment. They also schedule where and when the RV needs to be delivered to the port to meet the preparation schedule and the loading schedule to meet the "Departure" date of the ship.

MH International Freight Services Suite 318, PMB 382 5100 S. Cleveland Avenue Ft. Myers, FL 33907 Our Contact Person: Maureen Telephone: (239) 839-2612, Toll Free (888) 931-0155 USA only Fax: (239) 931-0155
Uni International, America Corp 4615 Gulf Boulevard, Suite 116 St. Petersburg, FL 33706 Toll Free: 800-522-1165 (US & Canada) Our Contact Person: Toni Telephone: (727) 360-2844, Ext 208 Fax: (727) 828-0411
CFR Line 155501 Texaco Ave Paramount, CA 90723 Contact Person: Michele Blackmore Telephone: (310) 223-0474, Ext. 113 Fax: (310) 223-0477 www.cfrline.com
AIR SEA INTERNATIONAL FORWARDING, INC West Coast USA Air Sea International Forwarding, Inc. 5777 W. Century Blvd, Suite #1640 Los Angeles, CA 90301 Telephone: (310) 215-3722 Fax: (310) 215-3606 www.airseaint.com
Gulf Atlantic USA Air Sea International Forwarding, Inc 1890 N. W. 82nd Ave. Miami, FL 33126 Telephone: (800) 247-0267 Fax: (732) 727-8242 www.airseaint.com
Unique Logistics International (ATL) Inc 510 Plaza Drive Suite 2290 Atlanta, GA 30349 Telephone: (404) 767-0500 Fax: (404) 767-4777 www.uli-atl.com
"K" Line America, Inc. Los Angeles Area Office Huntington Beach 17011 Beach Boulevard, Suite 1100 Huntington Beach, CA 92647 Telephone: (714) 861-5000 Fax: (714) 861-5001
SR INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS Inc. US Operations Centers Head Office: SR International Logistics Inc. 2525 16th Street #208 Denver, CO 80211 Telephone: (720) 855-3115 Fax: (720) 855-6464 email: [email protected] Los Angeles (covering Southern California) [email protected] San Francisco and Oakland (covering Northern California) [email protected] Seattle (covering the North West) [email protected] New York (covering the North East) [email protected] Atlanta (covering the Eastern Mid West, Savannah, and Charleston) [email protected] Miami (covering South East and South America Gateway) [email protected]
Livingston International, Inc. CORPORATE HEAD OFFICE Telephone: (416) 626-2800 Fax: (416) 622-3890 405 The West Mall Toronto ON M9C 5K7 Toll free: 1-800-387-7582 Shanghai - China 51/F Raffles City 268 Xizang Zhong Road Huangpu District Shanghai 200001, China Tel:86 21 2312 7586 Fax:86 21 2312 7879 CAUSEWAY BAY - Hong Kong Center Manager Regus The Lee Gardens 45/F, The Lee Gardens 33 Hysan Avenue Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Tel: 852 3180 7728 MEXICO CITY - Mexico Av. Prolongacion Paseo de la Reforma 1236 Floor 8 Mexico City, (Santa Fe) 05348 Tel: 52 (559) 177-1515 BYDGOSZCZ - Poland Poland Limited sp. zo.o. 1 Kraszewskego Street, 2ndFloor 85-240 Bydgoszcz, Poland Tel: 48 (525) 831-404 Fax: 48 (525) 831-433
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