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Recent Posts

How to Dump RV Waste

Most RVs have onboard holding tanks for their waste system.

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How to Unclog RV Toilet

RV toilets can easily clog and it typically happens at the most inconvenient time or when you least expect it.

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How much solar power do you need for your RV

Solar power has advanced over the years making it more affordable and easier for RV owners to get power from the sun.

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Best 5th Wheel RVs

If you’re looking to travel in comfort and style, a new fifth wheel RV will be perfect for you.

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RV Life 101: Top 10 accessories for the new RVer

If you’re new to the RV lifestyle, there are a few accessories and parts you will need to make your camping experience hassle free and more enjoyable.

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Top 10 Best Travel Trailers

It can be a difficult task shopping for a new travel trailer that is right for your next adventure, but we’re here to help!

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Best Destination Trailers & Park Trailers

Get ready for your next road trip with a new destination trailer!

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Best RV Brands

We’re here to help make selecting your new RV easier by highlighting the best RV brands on the market.

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Where can I park my RV

Traveling around the country in an RV is a great way to see the world on wheels. However, it’s very important to stop and rest when needed.

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Best Keystone Fifth Wheel

Keystone is the luxury line of fifth wheel RVs and the number one top selling RV manufacturers in the country.

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Best Small RV Trailer or Small Camper

Small RVs are lightweight and affordable especially for the younger generation.

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What Size Generator for your RV

Are you looking for a generator for your RV but not sure what size?

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How to Finance an RV

RVs are a fun way to travel the country without flying and still have all of the luxuries of home.

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How to get internet and Wifi in your RV

With the right equipment and gear, you can be connected to the internet wherever you go including rural, backwoods National Parks or a lively RV campground!

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Do you need a special license or CDL to drive an RV?

One of the most common questions when purchasing a new RV is whether you need a special license to drive it.

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How much is an RV?

Looking to purchase a new RV? The best way to get on the road to explore the world in style is by first, doing your research and asking the important question: “how much does an RV cost?”

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Key Differences Between Travel Trailers, 5th Wheel RVs and Destination Trailers

Ever get confused as to what RV you see traveling down the road? We break down the differences between travel trailers, 5th wheels, and destination trailers!

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Shore Power vs. Generator Power

Ever wonder what the difference was between using shore power or a generator? We'll help sort out the differences so you know what power to use when!

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How To Properly Operate Your RV Propane Stove

How To Properly Operate Your RV Propane Stove, Lakeshore RV Center. We review how to safely start and use your propane stove, along with a few extra tips.

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Mobile Hunting Home: Transforming Your RV Into Deer Camp!

Mobile Hunting Home: Transforming Your RV Into Deer Camp! It's about that time of year, and we look at some necessities to use your trailer for hunting.

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Berry Slamming and Road Jamming: Pick Berries and Make Jam on the Road

How To Pick Berries and Make Jam on the Road in an RV. Tips on the who, what, when, where, how, and why of picking berries and making tasty jam from them!

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Girls Looking Through Magnify Glass
Let's Take Learning Outside! 4 Fun Outdoor Experiments!

Use Mother Nature as your classroom with these fun outdoor science experiments.

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The Rocky Mountains
Going Up? Travel Tips for Heading to Higher Altitudes

If you're planning a trip that'll have you climbing to higher elevations, take this advice so you're prepared for changing temps and altitude sickness.

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Shelter From The Storm: How An RV Can Provide Disaster Relief

When disaster strikes, be prepared with your RV to offer shelter, food, water, and first aid to anyone you can. Have a plan and be ready to act!

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2022 4th Of July Sale
2022 4th Of July Sale