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RV GAP Coverage on RV Loan Payments


RV GAP Coverage on RV Loan Payments

In the case that the unthinkable happens to your RV, you'd want to be covered! To save you from financial disaster and stress, consider signing up for GAP Coverage for your new RV.

What is GAP Coverage?

GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) Coverage bridges the gap between what you owe on your RV loan and what your primary insurance company would pay you if your RV was ever stolen or totaled. You might be surprised to find out that the value your primary insurance company assigns to your RV could be significantly lower than the amount you owe. The difference between the two amounts is your responsibility, and it could possibly cost you $1000s! GAP Coverage would pay this amount!

Example if you have GAP Coverage:

Your loan amount:                                                   $15,000

Actual Cash Value of your vehicle:                         $12,000

Your deductible:                                                         $500

Primary insurance settlement:                                $11,500

Possible out-of-pocket amount:                              $3500

GAP pays:                                                                  $3500

YOU OWE:                                                                $0.00

GAP Coverage can be easily added onto your loan agreement, providing you with peace of mind that this amount would be covered if your RV was stolen or totaled. No separate cash payment is required.

Why take chances with your financial future? Ask your sales associate about GAP Coverage for your new RV today!

Coverage Provided by Nation Safe Drivers