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RV Insurance Options,RV Protection Package. Lakeshore RV

7 Year Protection Plan

FRAME – L.P. mounting bracket, bumper welds, all chassis frame welds, manual lift jacks, latch, lift crank, cables, pulleys, and motor.
BRAKES – Master cylinder, hydraulic or electric actuators, wheel cylinders, disc brake caliper, backing plates, clops and retainers.
SUSPENSION ASSEMBLY – Wheel bearings, wheel hubs, spindles, spindle supports, axle shafts, actuators, rubber suspension bushing, coil and leaf springs.
RANGE/OVEN – Burner assembly, thermostat, thermocouple, burner valves, igniter, heating element, fan, pole motor, power hood, fittings, connection and the PC board. The following components of the microwave oven: transformer, magnetron, fan and the PC board.
REFRIGERATOR/FREEZER – Thermostat, thermocouple, burner assembly, igniter, cooling unit, fittings, connection and the PC board.
HEATING/FURNACE – Thermostat, thermocouple, main gas valve, igniter, burner assembly, blower motor, fittings, connections, ducts, duct work and the PC board.
AIR CONDITIONING (roof mounted 110v or central air) – Compressor, condenser, evaporator, receiver-dryer, accumulator, expansion valve, capacitors, heat pump, heat strips, reversing valve, relays, blower motor, blower motor fan, high/low cut off switch, pressure cycling switch, electronic module, thermostat, vent fans, ducts, and duct work.
SEALS AND GASKETS- NEW VEHICLES ONLY – Seals and gaskets on covered components which prevent the loss of fluid or refrigerants.
WATER HEATER – Burner assembly, inner tank, thermostat, thermocouple, heating element, gas valve, pressure relief valve, electronic ignition, fittings, control panel, connections, wiring harness, switches and the PC board.
WATER SYSTEM – Water pump, sinks, sink faucet, shower faucet, shower head, holding tanks, PVC piping, traps, fittings, connections, and gate valves.
WASTE SYSTEMS - Toilet vacuum breaker, float assembly, ball valve, slide valve, the water inlet valve, gate valves, fittings, connections, and the holding tank.
L.P. GAS SYSTEM – Regulators, valves, gauges, pig tails, fittings, connectors, gas lines, automatic shut off and mounting brackets.
AUXILIARY GENERATOR/POWER SUPPLY – all internally lubricated parts including: pistons, rings, connecting rods and bearings, wrist pins crankshaft and main bearings, camshaft and bearings, rocker arms, valves, valve springs, seats and guides, oil pump, timing chain/belt, tensioner and guides. Engine block, cylinder barrels and cylinder head if damaged due to the failure of a covered part. Starter motor, electrical generator, manually operated switches, hour meter, voltage regulator, gauges, PC board and power converter/inverter. New Vehicles Only: Breaker boxes, breaker and wiring harnesses for covered components. (excludes power cord). The inverter on NEW VEHICLES ONLY.
ELECTRIC STEPS – Electric step motor and its gear and linkage.
LODGING – If you are more than 100 miles from home and repair to a covered component requires 8 hours of labor (must be an overnight repair), you may be eligible for lodging reimbursement, not to exceed $60.00 per night, a 4 night maximum and not more that $240.00 per occurrence.
SERVICE CALLS – Only in the event of a breakdown of a covered component and in addition to the normal parts and labor charges, you are eligible to be reimbursed up to $75.00 per occurrence for a remote service call. This cannot be combined with the towing reimbursement upgrade option.

Only $1,946 for a 7-year warranty!

Additional Options Available for $199 Each for a 7-year warranty!
DELUXE APPLIANCE - Washer and Dryer: Drive motor, transmission, pulley, heating element, igniter, main controls, blower and water pump; Dish Washer: Drive motor, pulley, heating element and water pump; Ice Maker: Condenser, compressor, ejector motor, gears, bearings, thermostat and relays; In-Sink Disposal: Motor, flywheel, hammer, shredder and power switch; Trash Compactor: Compactor motor, compacting ram(s) and relays; Central Vacuum Cleaner: Electric motor, armature and relays; Kitchen Center: (Blender and Food Processor) Electric motor and the control switches; External Barbeque: Burner, igniter and the control valves; Rear Camera and Driver Monitor; Factory-Installed Carbon Monoxide/Smoke Detector.

HYDRAULIC/ELECTRIC LEVELING JACKS - Electric motor, pump, jack assembly, control switches, sensors, actuator, lines, fittings, connections, cylinders, worm gears, tracks, electric switch and wiring harness.

HYDRAULIC/ELECTRIC SLIDE OUT ROOMS - Electric motor, pump, jack assembly, control switches, sensors, actuator, lines, fittings, cylinders, worm gears, tracks, electric switch and wiring harness. THE SAME COMPONENTS ARE COVERED IN RAISED ROOF APPLICATIONS.

ULTRA ELECTRONIC HI TECH - Electronic Entrance: Transmitter, touchpad, actuators, solenoids, servos and computer; Thermometer, Compass and Power Seat Computer; Anti-theft: Remote transmitter, audible device and relay.

WHEEL CHAIR LIFT - Electro-hydraulic motor, hydraulic pump, power control switch, manual hand pump, pressure release valve, steel frame and frame welds, locking handrails, actuator and relays.

AUDIO/VIDEO - Television: (42” or less): Circuit boards, power supply, control panel, and the tuner; A.M./F.M. Stereo and/or CD player: Circuit boards, power supply, tuner assembly, and amplifier; DVD: Circuit board, power supply, and control panel.
FUELING STATION - (TOY HAULER): Line, nozzle, petcock, valves (excluding tank).

Interior Platinum Protection Systems
Protect the look of your new or used RV with Platinum Protection Systems®.

Spills happen! Get protection against food stains, day-in/day-out spots, and fading. Platinum Protection Systems® is chemically formulated to provide proven-tough protection for vinyl, leather, fabric and carpeting. RV Interior
Vinyl, Leather: Warranty covers against fading, discoloration, mold and mildew.

Fabric, Carpet: Every fiber is surrounded by a protective barrier so that most stains will not set.

Only $299 for a 3-year warranty!

Exterior Platinum Protection Systems
Keep that showroom shine! Only trained professionals apply Platinum Protection Systems to your vehicle's exterior.

RV Exterior
Exterior Paint Protection System: Warrantied protection against paint fading, chalking, and loss of gloss.

and take the extra step with…
Exterior Environmental Paint Protection System: For added weather protection including: acid rain, tree sap, bird droppings, road salt, and ultraviolet rays.

Only $699 for a 3-year warranty!

Wheel & Tire
Covered Road Hazard: Potholes, rocks, wood debris, metal parts, plastic or composite scraps or any item causing tire, wheel or rim damage beyond normal wear and tear.

Coverage Includes:

Repair or replacement coverage for tire and rims (including mounting, balancing,and taxes)
Emergency Road assistance benefit.
5 & 7 year trailer and RV Coverage

Additional Insurance Available

  • Credit Life

  • Credit Disability

  • G. A. P.

2024 Dog Days Of Summer Sale
2024 Dog Days Of Summer Sale