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How to Unclog RV Toilet

Lakeshore RV Center


RV toilets can easily clog and it typically happens at the most inconvenient time or when you least expect it. Don’t worry, we’re here to guide you through a step by step process on how to unclog your RV toilet.


Toilet Tank Wand

Before your RV toilet gets clogged, make sure you purchase a flexible toilet tank wand. You can find them at Lakeshore RV in Muskegon Michigan or purchase directly from Amazon. Pick one that will reach into the depths of the pipe. One highly recommended tool is the Valterra Master Blaster Tank Wand. It connects to your faucet with a flexible hose and has a power nozzle. You should insert the tank wand into the toilet bowl and down towards the tank to break up the clog with the high pressure spray.


Hot Water

Another popular way to unclog your RV toilet is to pour several pots of boiling water down the toilet and let it sit overnight to soak. RV owners often drive the RV around to mix the waste and have had great success using this method to unclog the toilet.


Toilet Plunger

If you can see the clog in the toilet, you can use a simple toilet plunger to clear the clog, just as you would at home. Add some water if there isn’t any then put the plunger over the hole. Make sure it completely covers the hole and pump the plunger up and down 15-20 times. Then flush the toilet to check drainage. If the clog isn’t cleared, repeat 2 to 3 more times. If the issue persists, move to another method.



There are several septic safe unclogging chemicals available you can purchase. Tissue digester eats the tissue clogs in your tank and within your line. You can use many of the chemicals on the market as long as they are septic safe. Apply the chemicals in the tank that is filled half full with water. Add the chemicals and let it sit in the toilet. Flush after a few hours then let it sit in the tank for a while. It’s good to drive around to mix up your tank. We recommend Thetford Tissue Digester to unclog your septic tank.


Ice Cube Method

Many RV owners use the ice cube method to unclog their toilet. Fill the toilet base ⅓ full of water. Add ice to the rest of the toilet. Flush the ice down the toilet and drive around. Keep flushing the toilet with water and this should loosen any clogs.


Deciding which method is best for you is really up to you. You may try a few methods, if needed. The best thing to do is be prepared with the proper equipment in case this arises on your camping trip and avoid clogging the toilet for the future. Make sure you’re using the right toilet paper. It must be septic safe tissue that breaks down fast. Purchase 1 or 2 ply toilet paper, septic safe and test it in your kitchen before using it in the toilet. Other methods to prevent your Rv toilet from clogging include:

Flushing often

water in your toilet keeps it in good working order. Flushing often , or even twice for every use, helps to keep water in your tank that helps break up the potential clogs before they happen.

Using less paper

Cutting back on the amount of toilet paper can help prevent clogs, especially for females. Use half of the amount you normally would and add double the water to the toilet tank. More water and less toilet paper will keep you from having a clogged toilet.

Chemical Drop Ins

There are a variety of chemicals you can drop in your RV toilet to help break down the waste and prevent clogs. Many RV owners use a tissue digester as a preventative method to eliminate clogs.


A clogged RV toilet can certainly put a wrench in your vacation but being prepared with the proper tools and knowing how to unclog your toilet will help you get back to enjoying your trip. Better yet, take the steps to avoid getting a clogged toilet in the first place. Take action to keep your tank clean, flushed and managed. If you need any supplies or a run through how to maintain your RV toilet, the staff at Lakeshore RV is happy to help.

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