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No Longer the RV Your Grandparents Once Knew . . .

The interior and exterior of 2017 RVs. The RV industry has come a long way in the past 15 years. Across all makes and models, RVs are trading in their antiquated designs and old-fashioned features for innovative layouts and luxurious residential appeal. A quick walk through of our dealership lot makes it quite clear that these trailers are no longer the RVs your grandparents once knew. Standards have been set higher and the bar is always being raised. Here are just a few of the amazing advancements you'll notice in today's RVs:

High-Tech Entertainment

You will find high-tech entertainment in today's new RVs. Gone are the days of clunky box television sets and static-filled AM/FM radios. Today's RVs have ditched the big and bulky for the sleek and sophisticated. Now you can enjoy your favorite shows on crystal clear high-definition flat screen TVs, some stretching as big as 50 to 60 inches like the ones included in our Cyclone Toy Hauler models! Watch the big game and feel like you're right there in the action with surround-sound speakers. Leave your cassette tapes and CDs at home with state-of-the-art Bluetooth® stereos that allow you to sync up your mobiles devices and stream music with ease! And if all that's not enough, you can now watch movies and listen to music outside of your RV too! That's right, RVs, like the Road Warrior RW427, now come equipped with awesome exterior entertainment centers so you can enjoy the latest summer blockbusters beneath the stars, right from your outdoor patio!

Gourmet Kitchens

You will find gourmet kitchens in today's new RVs. Think your high-class culinary tastes won't mesh well with the RVing lifestyle? Think again! Today's RVs come with breathtaking kitchens that rival most found in residential homes. Take the Bighorn 3160EL for example. This RV's kitchen features stainless steel appliances, real solid surface countertops, and chic pendant lighting above the lovely center island. You won't have to sacrifice any space with the massive 18-cubic-foot double-door refrigerator and walk-in pantry. Keep your interior kitchen spotless by doing all your messy meal preparation outside using a fully-loaded exterior kitchen like the one found on this Sprinter Campfire Edition 26RB! While fire-roasted hot dogs and ooey-gooey s'mores might be a staple of any great camping trip, when you stay in a modern RV you can easily mix up those camp classics with oven-baked chicken or mouthwatering soufflés! And with built-in wine bars, racks, and refrigerators, you can even pair your homemade meals with a glass (or bottle!) of fine wine.

Premium Functionality

You will find premium functionality in today's new RVs. Forget about cramped bathrooms, uncomfortable beds, and narrow hallways that used to be all too familiar to RVers of the past. Today's RVers get to enjoy spacious rooms, plush furnishings, and convenient features that help to make a home of any destination! Tired of sharing a bathroom sink with your spouse? Check out the Montana 3910FB! Sick of sharing the entire bathroom all together? Check out the Edge 397! Many of today's RVs feature sprawling king-sized beds, gel-infused memory foam mattresses, heated massaging sofas, and La-Z-Boy recliners that all offer you soothing relief after an active day outdoors. With versatile amenities that hide concealed storage compartments, you'll be hard pressed to find a modern RV that doesn't utilize every centimeter of square footage. Some other functional features that are found in today's RVs include central vacuum systems, washer and dryer prep, and even cozy fireplaces!

Stunning Designs

You will find up-to-date design in today's new RVs. While certain looks remain timeless, there are some decorative trends that deserve to stay in the past. Remember those floral fabrics and gaudy bronze fixtures that adorned your grandparent's camper? While they might bring back a pleasant sense of nostalgia, you won't find them in today's RVs. Instead you'll find warm, earth-tone fabrics and leather furnishings complimented by beautiful brushed nickel hardware, hand-glazed cabinetry, and color-matched tile backsplashes. Dingy, dim interiors are now illuminated with bright, energy-efficient LED lights, and sun-faded sidewalls have been traded for durable fiberglass frames embellished with long-lasting graphics. Vaulted ceilings, designer window treatments, and translucent glass shower surrounds are just a few of the other stunning decorative touches that come standard in today's RVs. It isn't hard to notice the dramatic evolution that RVs have gone through within the past couple of decades. With every improvement made, they will continue to resemble old-fashioned campers less and less, but no matter how much they change, the free-spirited adventure that draws people to them will always remain preserved. So now that they've worked in all these incredible features, what's next on the list for the ever-advancing RV industry? A fifth wheel with a swimming pool? A travel trailer with a gym? Perhaps a wine cellar? Let's hear your guesses by leaving a comment!
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