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Slide Out Covers As An Accessory

Let's say you have just purchased a high end fifth wheel, like the Montana 3402RL by Keystone. 2013 Montana 3402RL Fifth Wheel Yes, it probably came with the standard features or maybe you went with a deluxe package that included even more amenities. Even with all that might be included with your new fifth wheel, there are still some accessories you should not overlook. In my next few blogs, I would like to take a look at some of the most popular accessories that should not be overlooked. Lakeshore RV offers all of the most popular accessories I will address in future blogs at 40 percent off retail prices. The first RV accessory I would like to focus on are slide out covers. These slide out covers can be invaluable in for the protection of your RV in two specific ways.

  • Protection against water damage

  • Prevents debris from collecting on top of the slide rooms

Water damage can cause an array of problems and that is why the slide out covers main function is actually to not keep rain off your slide but out of it. Rain can lead to rotted roofs, sidewalls and damaged slideouts making the slide out cover an inexpensive investment compared to the cost of repairs. Slide out covers also provide an obvious benefit of keeping all sorts of debris such as tree limbs, twigs and leaves off the slide roof that could potentially damage seals and other moving parts. It is difficult enough to keep outdoor elements out of your RV in the slide areas, so these areas need to be protected as best as possible and the slide out cover accomplishes this. The upper slide seal is particularly vulnerable to foreign debris so it is key the top of the slide is clean as it is retracted. A final benefit of slide out covers is keeping direct sunlight off the slide and eliminating exposure to the direct sunlight that will keep the outside seams from drying and cracking. Slide out covers are available for any type RV with a slide room and usually are professionally installed. So, take a look at the accessories that are offered during the purchase of your fifth wheel or travel trailer. Spending a little extra on accessories can certainly extend the life of your new RV and save money down the road on repairs.