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What are the Worst RV Brands

Lakeshore RV Center

Purchasing an RV is a big investment and you want to do your research to determine what type of RV will best meet your needs. Shopping from a reputable dealership like Lakeshore RV gives you access to the top RV brands in the country at the lowest prices available. Do your research and have patience when shopping for a new RV. You can choose between New or Used inventory including fifth wheels, travel trailers, motorhomes, and toy haulers. Determining which brand to go with can be overwhelming. Not all brands are worth the high price tag and you will want to avoid making a costly mistake by choosing the wrong brand. Follow this guide to learn which RV brands to stay away from. The RV lifestyle is full of adventure and relaxation so you want to ensure you pick the best RV to perform as it should.

Worst RV Brands


Hurricane by Thor

The Hurricane by Thor has a reputation for bad reviews that include reference to poor quality build and recalls on their parts. The company is known to use reconditioned or salvage parts on new builds which lead to fast break downs and maintenance issues. Many recalls for this brand include failing parking brakes and bad seals on the hydraulic jack system. The battery has had common failure issues with charging resulting in the 12 volt system which runs the appliances and light to be disabled. The interior fabrics on the furniture often wear quickly and need replacement within just a couple of years. This brand has over 50 recalls and should be avoided when shopping for a new RV.



Gulfstream is notorious for roof leaks in most of their models including the newer year models causing water damage throughout your RV. Other issues common with the Gulfstream brand include the door locks and hatches not staying secure. The heating and cooling system often has issues as the thermostat fails to read the temperature correctly leading to overheating or cooling of your RV. The Gulfstream brands have poor air circulation and with high humidity can form condensation on the roofs which drips from your ceiling. There are many more better built RV options to purchase then spend your hard earned money on this brand.



Fleetwood RV was a reliable RV brand at one point, however, it now has one of the worst interior builds when it comes to craftsmanship and material quality. Customers complain their trim work is loose, seams are popped, delamination of walls, poor wiring, broken fans, lifting floor, and torn upholstery just within a few months of their purchase. Each small issue complies into another and you’ll realize that this brand is not worth the investment and as soon as your warranty expires, you’re left with large repair bills. Some customers have encountered major defects within their warranty time frame and the customer service gives them the run around to avoid making the repairs. Save yourself money and the hassle by staying away from Fleetwoods when shopping for a new RV.



Coachmen have been in the market for over 50 years but they don’t make them like they used to. The new models feature low quality plumbing connections causing leaks inside the wales and under sinks. The particle board shelving inside the cabinets gets warped quickly. The roof leaks around the edges and slide outs and the ceiling panels get loose and sag after some time. Customer service to fix these repairs is even more challenging and customer’s get frustrated with the follow through. Save yourself the trouble and pass on this brand.



The Coleman brand does well with its camping gear but rushed into the RV market without obtaining the skills to build a sturdy, reliable RV. Customer reviews often find the layout uncomfortable and odd to navigate. The finishes are loose and floppy after a couple trips and need to be consistently reattached. Appliances act up randomly with no warning, the showerheads spray water out of the sides, the toilet valve doesn’t shut completely, and the refrigerator has issues cooling down. The wiring can shake loose creating shorts and flickering of the lights. The exterior decals even fade and crack quickly. With so many issues, save yourself some time and select a brand with a higher quality build.



Most Winnebago models are decent, however, the motorhomes have issues with the finish of the exterior and interior walls. The attachment to the structure is weak and wall panels pop loose, look wavy or uneven. The outer walls have delamination which is expensive to repair. They are also known to have electrical problems. Pinpointing the exact issue can be complicated and wiring in RVs is usually hidden from easy access. Watch for these issues when you’re shopping for the Winnebago brand.



In general, the Jayco brand is okay but in recent years, the trust in the brand has diminished. Jayco produces RVs that look sleek and stylish from the outside, and while the layout looks practical, the interior fixtures often don’t last more than a season or two. Most customers have found the sofas lose their firmness, bed frames fall apart with poor joints and misaligned seams. You’re better off saving yourself the hassle and selecting an RV built with better quality materials to last a longer time frame.


As with any major purchase, you want to take your time, be patient, and do your research. It may be tempting to make an impulse decision to buy an RV that looks great but doing your homework can save you from headaches and maintenance down the road. We recommend that you research the market for different brands, try the RV before you buy it, get an inspection and make sure you read the small print to ensure you’re getting the best warranty. With more people living the RV lifestyle and hitting the open road, there’s an increase in demand for top quality RVs. The staff at Lakeshore RV in Muskegon Michigan carries over 500 RVs in stock. We have the most impressive selection of top name-brand RVs in the nation. We offer zero down financing, 150 point inspection and delivery to your home. Shop online or call us today to help you find the best quality RV brand to meet your needs! 231-788-2040