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Camping Treasures Found In The Woods

treasures-woods You are off on the best camping trip of all time! But when you arrive to your campsite you realize that you forgot some important things! Things like the perfect marshmallow stick, an amazing hot dog roaster, a whistle ... the list goes on! What on earth are you going to do?? How about this! Save money and make a fun activity out of it by searching for camping treasures found in the woods! Use the woods as your ultimate supplier for when you forget things on camping trips!
Roasting marshmallows

The Perfect Marshmallow Stick

How many can say that they have never ever found the perfect marshmallow stick? Hopefully no one because they are out there! You may have to hunt high and low for the right stick, but it is definitely worth the search! After you find your perfect stick, head back to the campfire! If you're too young to handle a knife, have an adult carve off the bark on one end of the stick. Make sure it's not too pointy, because we wouldn't want anyone getting speared by their perfect marshmallow stick! Once the end is free of bark, put that end of the stick through the fire quickly to burn off any unwanted things where your marshmallow is going. Now it's time! Grab that marshmallow and put it on your perfect marshmallow stick that you found in the woods! Ta-daa! Success! Perfect marshmallow sticks can also do double duty as Fire Pit Jerky sticks.
Roasting hotdogs

Amazing Hot Dog Roaster Branch

So you forgot your hot dog pointy stick at home ... oops. Well never fear! Head to the woods! For an amazing hot dog roaster for over the fire, you'll want to find a branch. Amazing branch qualifications include: not too thick, sturdy, must have a fork in the branch, and not too gross! Please don't go breaking branches off of trees. Respect nature by using branches that have already fallen on the ground. Take your branch to the campfire and remove the bark where the branch forks. This is important! Don't break off the fork of the branch because this is where your hot dog will be speared. Make the forked ends a little pointier that normal so it's easy to get the hot dog on and off. There you have it! Stick a hot dog on and you're ready to roast it!


Acorn Whistle

You're out on a nice nature walk and somehow you lose track of where your companions are. You're lost! But don't panic, the woods can help you find them! All you have to do is go on a Nature Scavenger Hunt to find an acorn top! Once you've found an acorn top, place it in between both thumbs. Make a 'Y' with your thumbs with the hollow part of the acorn top facing up. Once it is situated, put your lips on your thumb knuckles and blow. The air should pass through and make a whistle! If not, keep adjusting your thumbs and acorn top. The whistle should help identify where you are to your fellow nature hikers so they can find you!

pine cone bird feeder

Pinecone Bird Feeder

Want the birds to flock around your RV? Well here's a fun activity to do! Head to the woods and collect a few pinecones! There are several different sizes of pinecones, and you'll want to find the big ones! Take your pinecone collection back to the RV and get a couple supplies! You'll need a knife, peanut butter, birdseed, and string. You may want to do this project outside because it can get messy! Take a piece of string and tie it around the stem of the pinecone. Make it whatever length you'd like depending on where you will hang it. Take the peanut butter and spread it over the pinecone. Be generous with the peanut butter because this is what the birdseed will stick to. Next, sprinkle the birdseed over your pinecone and make sure it sticks to the peanut butter. After you have enough birdseed all over the pinecone, hang it up! The birds will love it! Make sure you take your pinecone bird feeder down when you leave your campsite or at night so animals don't get into it! Especially if you are in bear country, you don't want to attract unwanted visitors!

birch tree

Quick Fire Starter

Running out of things to start a fire with? Take a quick trip into the woods and look for a birch tree! Birch bark is a great fire starter! When you find a birch tree, look on the ground first for bark that has already fallen off. Collect this bark for use. If there isn't any already on the ground, peel off a couple strips from the tree and you're all set! You'll want to set up a small pile of kindling wood with the birch bark and then build up the logs for your fire around that. Lite the birch bark and you should have a roaring fire in no time!


Forest Firewood

Have you run out of firewood? Take a quick family hike through the woods and look for fallen logs and branches that are dry and can be used for a fire! Make sure to gather dry kindling wood to help the fire get started! Kindling includes small twigs, branches, and birch bark! Make sure to choose dry branches and logs since wet ones will not burn easily (or at all!).



Want some fun decorations for your RV or campsite? You can find decorations in the woods! During the fall the leaves change to magnificent colors! If you and your family are out on a lovely fall hike, why not pick up some fallen leaves to bring back to the campsite to put on the picnic table or on the RV dinette table! If you happen to have string with you, punch a small hole through the leaves near the stem where it's sturdy and make a string of colorful fall leaves! Also, in the spring and summer time, if you are out on a walk, the flowers should be in full bloom! As long as there aren't signs stating NOT to pick the flowers, go ahead and pick one or two flowers and bring them back to your campsite! Make sure you put your flowers in a little vase or cup with water so they last longer. Flowers always seem to brighten up the campsite and make the atmosphere beautiful and cheery! Have fun with your natural woodsy decorations! Whether you're finding the perfect marshmallow stick or frolicking through the woods finding colorful leaves for decorations, there are endless camping treasures in the woods that are just waiting to be found! Just make sure to avoid these Common Poisonous Plants that can be found in the woods as well! Unleash your creativity and let nature engulf you as you set out to find the perfect woodsy treasures!