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Intensify Your Drinks This Halloween!

Drink if you dare. Skeleton reaching for Halloween drink.

Halloween is near, and if you’re planning on throwing your own frightful party, you’re probably in full party-planning mode! Dreadful decorations and fang-tastic foods are a must, but don’t forget about offering bloodcurdling beverages too! Instead of just setting out a few two liters of pop and calling it good, try one or more of these great ideas to intensify your party’s drinks this Halloween! Here are some spook-tacular ways to serve your beverages for the ultimate wicked Halloween party!

Magical Color-Changing Potions

Mysterious transformation. Color-changing drinks for Halloween.

Before you pour some drinks, add a few drops of food coloring to the bottom of the cup. When you pour liquid in, the food coloring will swirl up and transform your drink before your eyes! This will definitely add a little bit of magic to your Halloween festivities!

Haunting Goblets and Unique Glassware

Raise your glasses for a toast. Skeleton hand drinkware for Halloween.

Forget those colored plastic cups! Serve your delicious concoctions in some fun goblets or other unique glassware! Plenty of retailers will sell fun goblets with spooky designs, so pick up enough for your guests! Check out the dollar store so you don’t spend a small fortune!

Get Scarily Scientific

Spread the madness. Halloween syringe shooters.

Speaking of unusual drink ware, keep the theme going for shots and shooters! If you’re going for a mad scientist theme, serve shots in syringes (without needles!) or in beakers! Follow your shot with maniacal laughter for the full effect!

Spooky Ice Cube Trays

Eyes, eyes, baby. Eyeball icecubes for Halloween drinks.

Halloween-themed ice cube trays are another fun drink accessory that you’ll find when you hit the stores this season! Pick up a couple trays and start freezing some cubes a couple days in advance and store them in a container until you have enough for guests! To add even more fun, use food coloring in your water and the ice cubes will change the color of drinks as they melt!

Creepy Crawly Gummies

Feel them squirm. Gummy worm-lined drinks for Halloween.

Another simple and ultra fun idea is to add gummies to your drinks! Decorate cups with gummy worms or any other Halloween gummies you can find! You can find a gummy candy for just about anything you can think of, so go ahead and throw them right into drinks or garnish them on the rim of the cup!

Ghoulish Garnishes

Take a bite into that! Marshmallow eyeballs in green Halloween drink.

Feel free to get creative with garnishing! Construct some frightening, yet tasty, drink decorations, like radish and olive eyeballs, pickle bats with salami wings, or gouge out two eyes and a nose from a whole white mushroom for a mushroom skull and place them on a skewer! These are especially great for bloody Marys, which will fit in perfectly with a bone-chilling Halloween theme! Make up a big batch of garnishes and let guests construct their own drinks at a fun bloody Mary bar!

Sinister Potions

Warning! May disappear. Halloween potion drinks.

There isn’t really anything scary about a two liter of pop, so remove drink labels and replace them with potion labels! Either print off some labels, or purchase them at the store! You’ll have guests thinking they’re gulping down a frightful witch’s brew, vampire blood, love potion, and more!

Perfect Pumpkin Punch Bowl

Drink up! Pumpkin punch bowl for Halloween.

For a fun Halloween serving idea, find a large pumpkin, scoop out all the guts, and set a large bowl inside and fill with your drink of choice for a fun spin on a classic Halloween activity! You can carve a design if you’d like for extra decoration, and make a glow-in-the-dark punch to put inside so you can see your cool design!

Mysterious Dry Ice

Hauntingly delicious! Dry ice surrounding Halloween drinks.

Add an element of creepy mystery to your drinks by adding dry ice! The rolling fog coming off your devilish concoctions will wow guests and make them think you’ve been slaving over your cauldron all day! Just be sure to practice safety with dry ice! Use insulated gloves when handling, and be sure to tell guests not to swallow or put dry ice in their mouth! Whether you break dry ice into chunks for individual drinks or throw a larger chunk into your punch bowl, the nightmarish effect will be awesome!

Terrifying Blood Splatter

Blood thirsty. Edible blood-rimmed drink for Halloween.

For a totally creepy effect for your festive beverages, drip some gel food coloring, or cook up a batch of edible blood, with one cup of light corn syrup, 1/4 cup of water, and red and blue food coloring. Just mix until combined to the thickness and color you desire, then drip along the side of your cups for a chilling and thrilling effect! Throw in a pair of vampire teeth for even more fun!

These frightfully easy and inexpensive serving ideas are perfect for any Halloween party! With a little effort, you’re sure to scare and impress your guests with these spooky drink serving ideas! What is your favorite spooky way to serve Halloween beverages? Comment below to share your creepy ideas!