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Rediscovering Fishing: Peaceful, Calming & Therapeutic

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Whether the idea of going fishing appeals to you or not, the peaceful, calming, and therapeutic effects from it will. Change the way you think about this hobby and what it could do for you by rediscovering fishing for yourself! Here's a little bit of what I experienced when I let go of my reluctance and embraced this reel-axing activity!

The Joys of Fishing are Timeless


This past Tuesday night I decided to try my luck at fishing again. I can recall as a child my dad taking me and my brother fishing quite often and how much I enjoyed it. I haven't fished since then, but three weeks ago at my grandma and grandpa’s cabin I had the opportunity to try my hand at it again. Being an avid animal lover and pro animal rights activist, I was somewhat on the fence about fishing. In the end, I decided that it would be okay, as long as I threw back the fish I caught and watched them swim away. So with my newfound sense of acceptance, we climbed into my grandfather’s boat and headed out to the nearest fishing hole! We left around seven o’clock and, with time slipping away from us, we ended up staying out until dark before reluctantly heading back. The peaceful allure of casting out a fishing line was clear, and I was hooked!

Fishing is a Reel Therapeutic Experience


We caught about ten fish in all. A few bluegill and a few bass, all of which we threw back. It was a nice, picturesque night out on the river.  The views were amazing and the water was calm.  The reflections of the trees on the water were absolutely breathtaking. Most people who know me would say I am a bit high strung and a little anxious, but while fishing this particular evening I realized what a therapeutic effect it seemed to have on me and my anxieties. It seemed as though while I was out there on the water, nothing else really mattered. I was completely focused on fishing and all my worries faded away. Some of you girls out there may think fishing is a guy thing, but I invite you to think differently. Anyone who knows me well knows I am the girliest girl there is and they would think I'd be a total fish out of water with a rod in my hand, yet I am loving this new fishing hobby! Just being on the river and letting your hair down (or putting your hair up!) without concern for what you look like or what you're wearing is a peaceful and much-welcomed escape. During my experience on the water, fishing helped me to:

  • Reconnect with the outdoors and foster a deeper appreciated for the natural world

  • Take a break from the stress of daily life and let go of anxieties

  • Experience something new that boosts mood and eases worry

Grab a Tackle Box And Give it a Try


I am thankful that so many years ago my father and I shared this pastime together, and who knows, maybe that is why I love coming back to it so much today. Discover what the calming and therapeutic effects of fishing can do for you by heading to the water and giving it a try for yourself! You don't need all the latest equipment and most high-tech gadgets to reep all the calming benefits! All you need is access to a great fishing spot and the incentive to seek a mental escape! Regardless of the season, fishing can be done year round in any area where the fish are plenty, so you'll never have to go without your trusty and relaxing go-to activity!

Whether you want to try fishing for food or just for the chance to spend some peace and quiet in nature, you'll be glad you gave this hobby a try! Are you an avid angler? What do you love most about fishing? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!