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4-Wheeler Jet Ski

jetski banner The 4-wheeler jet ski from Gibbs Sports Amphibians, cleverly named the Quadski, is an impressive hybrid creation that combines a personal watercraft with an ATV. Capable of cruising on land or sea attaining speeds of 45mph, the Quadski blends the traction control of a 4 x 4 with the water capabilities of a jet ski. The performance of the Quadski is lightweight and comfortable. They were manufactured and distributed from 2013-2016 and no longer available to purchase new. Full parts and support is provided by Gibbs Amphibians in New Zeeland.

The Maker

The Quadski MakerOriginally launched in October of 2012, this 4-wheeler jet ski comes from the innovative mind of Alan Gibbs, owner of Gibbs Sports Amphibians, based in Auburn Hills, Michigan. The company employs more than 100 Michigan workers and, when at maximum capacity, the assembly plant produces 20 units per hour. The company is continuing to blend cutting edge automotive and marine technologies to create a whole new class of recreational vehicles. In addition to the Quadski, the company also markets a Biski, Triski, and Terraquad.


Quadski ComponentsGibbs has over 300 patents and patents pending on the technology used in its high-speed amphibious vehicles. The 4-wheeler jet ski is propelled by Gibbs' patented water jet propulsion system, constructed to be more compact and lighter than traditional water jets. The lightweight hull is a single-piece mold designed for durability and strength. Powered by BMW Motorrad's K1300 water-cooled engine, the machine is designed to be very responsive with high thrust levels. Steering is controlled by handlebars for easy maneuvering. Upon entering the water, retractable wheels smoothly withdraw into the hull of the vehicle at the push of a button. The Quadski weighs 1,333 pounds, has a 15-gallon fuel tank, and comes in your choice of five standard colors. The Quadski XL weighs 1437lbs.


Quadski PerformanceCapable of traveling at up to 45mph on both water and land, this 4-wheeler jet ski is remarkably versatile, giving riders the flexibility and versatility to cross vastly different terrains. The 4-wheeler jet ski can propel to cruising speeds in just seconds. Transition from water to land, or vice versa, takes a quick four seconds and is as simple as a push of a button. The Quadski accommodates a single passenger, while the Quadski XL seats two. The 4 cylinder engine has 140 hp on water.


Quadski UsesBecause these fun and exhilarating machines allow users to explore and traverse with new freedoms and less boundaries, the 4-wheeler jet ski quickly became recognized for the potential it has as a search and rescue, military, and emergency service vehicle. The versatility allows aid workers to reach areas and people where no jet ski or ATV alone could go. Although the Quadski was only sold in the US, the company is prepping for sales to first responders, outdoor lovers, off-road travelers, and hunting and fishing enthusiasts in Europe and Latin America as well. No longer are we forced to choose between jet skis or ATVs. Now, for the price of around $40,000, you too can have the best of both worlds with one of these 4-wheeler jet skis. To learn more, check out Gibbs Sports Amphibians and watch some impressive videos of the Quadski in action!
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