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Nature Scavenger Hunt

You're gearing up for a fun family camping trip that will expose your children to all that nature has to offer! You're planning picnics, hikes, swimming, fishing, exploring, campfires, and so many other outdoor activities. But what if your kids are reluctant to try new activities and just want to sit in front of the TV inside your RV? There are great movies and shows about camping, but it's better to experience it yourself! If your kids are thinking that your trip will be all work and no play, prove them wrong by sending them out on a nature scavenger hunt around your campsite!

Use this activity when you first arrive at your campsite, or pull it out later when you're looking for something new to do. After riding for a while to your destination, kids could use an activity that gets them stretching their legs and exploring nature. While you set up camp, give them each a copy of the scavenger hunt below (or make your own) and send them out to explore around your campsite (within sight of you!). The scavenger hunt we've created with pictures and words is perfect for young kids who can't yet read. Not only will it entertain them, it will give them the opportunity to learn about their surroundings and enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer. They'll love telling you about everything they've discovered on their scavenger hunt (hopefully this doesn't include poisonous plants!)!

What you will need:

Scavenger Hunt list (print ours or make your own!)

Pen/pencil to check off items

Nature Scavenger Hunt, or make your own!

Give the kids a list of items to find and send them out to discover their surroundings. Make it a team effort to find all the items, or make it a competition to see who can find the most items on the list in a certain amount of time! Perfect for kids of all ages, a nature scavenger hunt is a great camping activity for the whole family! And if your kids come back with leaves of all shapes and sizes, have them create adorable Leaf Animal Art that you can display in your RV. Nature Scavenger Hunt

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2024 Dog Days Of Summer Sale
2024 Dog Days Of Summer Sale