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Yankee Springs Recreation Area

yankee springs

In Michigan, with snow still on the ground and more snow in the forecast, it's safe to say that spring has not sprung yet. It may still be cold out, but we know that the warm summer months are just around the corner. And in Michigan, the arrival of warm weather means school is almost out and when it is out, summer vacation is on!  So, with summer vacation just around the corner, have you made your summer vacation plans yet?

If you are still trying to decide where you would like to vacation this summer, have you thought about a destination that is Pure Michigan? Have you thought about Yankee Springs Recreation Area? Whether you are a winter or summer camper, there is much to do and much to enjoy at Yankee Springs.

Middleville Michigan MapLocated in Middleville Michigan, Yankee Springs Recreation Area covers 4300 acres of waterways and forest and is located only 12 miles Southwest of Hastings, Michigan.  The park offers many different types of recreation: hiking, swimming, cross country skiing, cycling, snowmobiling, snowshoeing, ice fishing and more. Chances are, if you are an outdoor enthusiast, you'll find lots to do, year around, at Yankee Springs.  There are 9 lakes located within the boundaries of this park, providing ample space for water sports lovers, fishermen and fishing ladies as well!

There are many different campgrounds to choose from within Yankee Springs Recreation Area. Located on Gun Lake, I recommend the Yankee Springs Gun Lake Campground. Cost per night at this park depends on the type of site you would like to reserve - and there are plenty of campsites to choose from.  You can reserve your site at 866-561-9703.  Address to this park is 2104 S. Briggs Rd. Middleville, Michigan, area code 49333.

If you haven't already been thinking about where you want to take your RV this summer, I hope this gets you thinking! Until next time, this is SJ from Lakeshore RV Center and I want to say good luck and have fun planning your summer vacation!
2024 Final RV Auction
2024 Final RV Auction