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Camping Safety: First Aid Kit Essentials

We all know that safety is the number one priority when enjoying the great outdoors and camping is no different.  It is important for campers to make sure they have an up to date and properly stocked First Aid Kit on hand inside their RV. And it goes without saying that your first aid kit should be easily accessible - it's like a fire extinguisher: what good is it if it's not properly charged or you can't find it? Summer camping season is just around the corner and so are the cuts, scrapes and bruises associated with enjoying the great outdoors.  I thought it would be good this week to review first aid kit essentials.

You can purchase a properly stocked first aid kit at your local drug store, Walgreens, or even get one at your local Red Cross.  Make sure to check your first aid kit regularly to make sure all items are up to date (not expired) and that the batteries in your flashlight are working.  It does no one any good to have expired items they cannot use or a flashlight whose batteries are dead.  Here are just some items I thought you  should make sure you have stocked inside your first aid kit.

First Aid Kit Essentials:

    • Flashlight

    • Batteries

    • Compress Dressings

    • 25-30 adhesive bandages

    • 5-10 antiseptic wipe packets

    • 5-10 antibiotic ointment packets

    • Neosporin

    • 2 packets of Aspirin

    • 1 large blanket

    • 1 breathing barrier (one with a one-way valve)

    • 2 pairs non latex gloves

    • Scissors

    • 1 instant cold compress

    • 2 cortisone ointment packets

    • 1 roller bandage

    • 5-10 sterile gauze pads

    • 1 oral thermometer

    • Tweezers

    • 2-5 triangular bandages

Now, should a minor medical emergency happen while you are camping, you will have everything you need to handle the situation.  Of course, a first aid kit should not replace professional medical attention when needed. But for minor things like small cuts and bruises, a properly stocked kit should provide the medical treatment you need.  Hopefully your trip goes just as planned and there is no need for any of this, but it is important to be prepared, because you never know when an emergency could arise.

If I have left anything out, please share first aid kit essentials that are in your kit. This will only help out all of your fellow campers to make sure their kits are properly stocked for safe camping.

Until next time, this is SJ at Lakeshore RV, have a wonderful day!
2024 Final RV Auction
2024 Final RV Auction