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The Pocket Shot - Compact Hunting

The Pocket Shot – Compact Hunting Slingshots are a fun and fairly simple item to have! You can use them for target practice for a fun activity, or if you’re into hunting, they’re pretty great for hunting small game! There is a great new take on the sling shot out there called The Pocket Shot, which is a more compact, easy-to-use instrument than a traditional sling shot, and is nice for everything from casual shooting to compact hunting! The Pocket Shot features a unique design, revolutionizing sling shot fun! It features a small, circular grip with a latex pouch that is screwed into the grip. Although it may be small, it is not a toy! Load the pouch with ammo, pull back, and release for a powerful shot! It is suggested that you use 1/4 to 5/16 inch ammo pieces, which could be anything like steel slugs, small paintballs, and even marbles. Just load a piece of ammo into the pouch, pull back, and release for a great shot! This unique sling shot is very compact, measuring only 2.3 inches by 1.3 inches when closed, is perfect to keep anywhere like backpacks, tackle boxes, survival kits, or even in your pocket! LSRV-Breaker


Although the Pocket Shot is very compact, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have power! This awesome tool is two to three times as powerful as a traditional slingshot! The traditional, larger pouches are rated around 275 ft./second, which is impressive enough! But the smaller pro-pouches can shoot up to a 350ft./second speed, packing quite a powerful punch! With power like that, it’s perfect for hunting!

With the Pocket Shot you can slice through melons


Upon your first few shots with the Pocket Shot, you may think that accuracy is not something this product excels in. However, many find that accuracy develops once you get used to the unique shooting process! Be sure that you’re only loading one piece of ammo at a time, as it is made for, since having multiple pieces will diminish the range and accuracy. The consensus is that the best range it gets is about 10 to 15 feet, which is ideal for hunting small game!

The Durability of the pocket rocket is amazing


While many praise the pocket shot, there are plenty of reviews out there that state that the pouches of the Pocket Shot rip easily, sometimes only after a few shots. Some of this could be chalked up to user error, and it is a known fact that these latex pouches are not made to last forever, but there is a lot of dismay regarding how durable they really are. Just be sure to use the proper ammo in the proper amount. Do not use BBs or stones, or any other hard or irregularly shaped object, as it could tear the pouch or wear it out more quickly. If you’re planning to go hunting with them or put one in your survival kit, be sure to pack extra pouches, as you will inevitably need them.

There are various accecories the Pocket Shot comes with


The pocket shot is fairly reasonably priced compared to higher-end slingshots. The standard starter kit costs $25, which includes the two-part grip, and one standard and one pro-pouch. A pack of eight standard pouches will cost $20, while an eight pack of pro-pouches will set you back $25. And while the starter unit admittedly is cheaper than some slingshots, the aforementioned problem that the pouches are prone to tearing easily means this could add up pretty quickly. You can purchase the Pocket Shot unit, replacement pouches, and ammo on their website here.

The Whisker Biscuit Cap allows you to even shoot arrows with the Pocket Shot

The Whisker Biscuit Cap

Admittedly the original Pocket Shot may be better suited for survival situations that for serious hunting, the Pocket Shot company has released an amazing attachment that changes the game for hunters! The whisker biscuit cap is a disc attachment you can put on your original Pocket Shot in order to shoot arrows! The attachment screws on the front of the Pocket shot, and has a small hole in the middle of the disc to load an arrow through. The concept is the same: pull the arrow back in the pouch, and release for a powerful shot! Now that’s awesome, compact, and accurate hunting! LSRV-Breaker


If you’re looking for an awesome, compact, and easy-to-use piece of equipment for survival and hunting, be sure to check out the Pocket Shot! This unique idea definitely revolutionizes compact hunting! Do you own a Pocket Shot, or have you ever used one? Leave us a comment about your experience with this neat product!
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