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The Hydro Hammock


Until the fall of 2015, the world as we knew it was missing something. It was as if our lives were incomplete. Sure, life was good (despite worldwide poverty and global warming). Times sure are easier now than they were in pioneer days. We don’t have to hunt for our food (unless you’re into that). We can pop our TV dinner in a microwave and have a scorching meal in just a few minutes. We don’t walk around in clothes made from cowhides (unless you’re into that too!). But the nagging feeling that there was something out there that would make our lives better, more complete, kept bothering me. Until one day, when searching online for fun camping gadgets, I found it! The mother of all inventions! The Hydro Hammock! A hammock and a hot tub wrapped into one glorious high tensile-strength marine-grade canvas package! What I want to know is, what in the world took so long!?!

So what exactly is the Hydro Hammock?

At a quick glance, it looks like a heavy-duty hammock. But it’s so much more than that! This genius idea combines luxurious relaxation and bathing to save you time, water, and a little bit of your sanity in this crazy-busy world we live in. How is this possible, you wonder? Well, this mind-blowing invention holds enough water (up to 50 gallons!) for you and your sweetie, or a (close) friend, to immerse yourself in a hammock (bubble!) bath slung between two sturdy objects. Anywhere. Literally anywhere. Camping at the Tetons? Perfect! Chillin’ at the cabin by the lake? Awesome! Relaxing at the beach? No problem! You can even dig a hole in the sand or snow and cover it with the hammock. Fill it up and you’ve got a beachside or slope-side waterbed! Incredible!

The Hydro Hammock is available in two versions: the Original that has one wall for insulation, and the Deluxe that has (you guessed it!) two walls that can hold an insulating pad. It includes easy set-up straps, cam jams, carabiners, and instructions. The only thing it does not come with is the water (oh, and the heating system)! You supply the water, be it from a river, stream, ocean, or hose, and the Water Heating System transforms it into hot tub-like water in just a matter of minutes. It can heat over 26 gallons of chilly 55° water to a steamy 104° in 30-40 minutes! That’s fast! If you’re the kind of person who needs instant gratification, just give it a few minutes! It’s worth the wait. And once it’s heated, you can soak while you swing until it evaporates thanks to the recirculating system within the heater. So it’s not only dreamy, it’s eco-friendly to boot! But wait! Just when you think you’ve heard enough and you’re ready to whip out your credit card, there’s more! The Hydro Hammock also moonlights as a portable shower! Apparently, you can take a 2-hour shower (who has time for that?) using the same 3 gallons of water for the full two hours! I’m not sure if a “Holy Cow!” or an “Ewww!” is in order here. After showering in the same 3 gallons for 2 hours, I think I’d need another shower to get clean! But if my only other option is NOT showering for days, then sign me up (or take down my credit card number)!

The Hydro Hammock

How much will the Hydro Hammock cost you?

Well, let’s just say it’s not cheap. But luxury like this doesn’t come cheaply. The Original hammock is $360. The Deluxe is $550. The Water Heating System (which you need if you want it to be a HOT-tub hammock) is where the price skyrockets. By adding the $1365 heater, which includes a gas water heater, hose, water pump, removable rechargeable battery, strainer, water treatment pellets, and a fondue pot (that’s not a typo), you’re looking at a minimum of around $1500 (after the bundle price). That’s not chump change! But for the ability to transform any location, no matter how urban or remote, into a hot-tub paradise for two in just minutes … maybe it’s worth it? A hammock + a hot tub! How much is hydro bliss worth to you?

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