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RVing Women

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There is a growing community of RVing women who are taking on the road and traveling independently, while inspiring other women along their way. Rising incomes, divorce, empty-nesting, and longer life spans are among the top reasons for why more and more women are ditching their fixed homes for life on the move. Regardless of the reasons, most women are drawn to the RV lifestyle for the same purpose as anyone else: freedom and independence.


Empowered WomanWomen who RV alone often mention the sense of empowerment they get from traveling independently. Overcoming obstacles and solving problems alone helps to establish higher levels of self-confidence and autonomy. When women feel empowered enough to take on new challenges, they are given crucial opportunities to overcome inner fears and discover their stronger true selves. RVing is such a great gateway to self empowerment because it gives women the ability to define things on their own terms and dictate their own individual paths.

Challenging Traveling Norms

Women Self-DefenseThere seems to be a persistent zeitgeist that discourages women from traveling without a “male protector.” With such emphasis put on how risky it is for women to travel solo, it can be easy to forget that every day women travelers are relying on nothing but themselves to make it safely from destination to destination. While women are undoubtedly susceptible to violence, this fact shouldn’t force them into staying cooped up in their homes out of fear. RVing women help to remind us of this by breaking down stereotypes, shattering taboos, and showing us the realities of taking on the road alone. For a little company, consider taking your beloved four-legged friend along with you. The open road won't feel quite so lonely when you have your furry friend riding shotgun!

Supportive Communities

Traveling Women Support CommunitiesThere’s a variety of groups, blogs, and online forums bringing female RV enthusiasts together. RVing Women is the largest international support network for women who share a love of the RV lifestyle. RVing Women was founded in 1991, and today it has 17 chapters and more than 2,400 members. The network is intended to bring women together for social, recreational, and educational purposes, and to ensure that every woman has the opportunity to enjoy the RV lifestyle safely and smartly. The organization frequently hosts rallies and gatherings, giving women a platform to come together and share personal experiences and knowledge.

RVing women are a special breed of elite lady vagabonds redefining female freedom and independence. If you’re a woman thinking about hitting the road solo, remember that even though you might be alone on your journey, you are still in the company of other strong and adventurous RVing women. And if you’re certain that the single nomad life isn’t for you, remember to still give RVing women the credit they deserve for challenging what others said shouldn’t be done and inspiring other women to do the same.
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