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Camping Options Near Michigan International Speedway

approximately 9000 campsites

You may have heard Buzz Light-year on TV or the radio talking about all the great things you can find in Pure Michigan! Ok, so it’s not Buzz, but it is Tim Allen, the voice of Buzz and the star of the 90’s hit TV show Home Improvement, who is a MI native and loves the mitten just as much as the rest of us! One thing you may hear him talk about is the Pure Michigan 400, which is part of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. This race takes place at the Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn, MI, around the end of August. To many race fans, this means a weekend of camping while enjoying the race! We sorted through all of the many places in that area to camp and found all the best ones! Make sure to get your reservations early, they’re going to fill up fast!

Camp at the Track

The Michigan International Speedway has several options for camping at the track itself! They actually have 10 different areas to camp starting as close as turn three and extending out to the grounds across the street! These camping areas add up to almost 9,000 campsites!


Now this is close! There are only 20 spaces in this area and it puts you right on the apex of turn three! You’ll be so close you’ll be able to smell Joey Logano’s cologne. Ok, probably not, but it’s really really close! With these sites you’ll enjoy a concierge service, water and electric, a community grill area, and two NASCAR HOT garage passes! You can even bring along your K-9 buddies as dogs are allowed in these sites!

Turn Two Retreat

Located on the outside of turn two (obviously) is Turn Two Retreat! This is a lush campground that offers more of a park feel. These spots are a short walk to a tram ride that will take you to all the amazing activities! Here you’ll enjoy potable water, electricity, porta potties, a dump station, and you can bring you dog!

turn two retreat


Getting a spot in the infield puts you right in the center of the action! With an infield camping spot, you need to ensure that you also purchase a wristband to enter the infield separately as it’s not part of the price. Amenities that come along with these sites include modern restrooms, showers, a dump station, potable water, and a camp store!

Tree Farm

This campground isn’t right on the track but it’s still pretty close! Just outside of turns 3 and 4, you won’t have to go far to watch the race! This campsite is also near a tram that will take you to the activities! This campground allows dogs as well and offers a family playground, showers, porta potties, a dump station, and potable water!

Brookfest Acres

Found outside turn 4 is Brookfest Acres! This is a great campground with a more traditional feel. Here you will have access to showers, porta potties, fresh water, and a dump station! Hop on the tram to make your way to the track without having to take a long walk!

M-50 Creekside

This is the place you want to camp if you want to party after the race! They have paint and foam parties that last until 3am so if you’re in it for the peace and quiet, this is not the campground for you! This area is located behind turn 3 and offers amenities such as showers, porta potties, a dump station, and fresh water.

m-50 creek

Northwoods & Northfield

These two campgrounds are connected and located across Brooklyn Highway from the track. These sites offer an opportunity to camp near the action without having to be right in it! The Northwoods side has only tent camping where the Northfield will accommodate RVs. With these grounds you’ll enjoy access to showers, porta potties, a dump station, and fresh water!

Brooklyn Trails

Also across the Brooklyn Highway is Brooklyn Trails. This campground offers a park-like feel just far enough from the track to relax, but close enough so that you won’t have to travel far to get there! At this campground they have showers, porta potties, fresh water, a dump station, and a convenience store.

Graves Farm

Just across US 12 from the track is Graves Farm! This is the most modern of all the campgrounds and probably our favorite. You’ll find a family atmosphere at this campground as they even have a family playground and allow the furry four-legged members of the family to join you. Also found here are a permanent shower & restroom building, a dump station, potable water, and the tram service from the grounds to the track!

Graves Farm

Juniper Hills

About a 4 min drive down the road you’ll find Juniper Hills Campground. They offer tent camping as well as RV camping with plenty of site options to choose from. At this gorgeous pet-friendly campground you will enjoy amenities such as potable water stations, dump stations, a camp store, shower facilities, and modern restrooms! These grounds are hilly and wooded so if you camp to connect with nature, this is a great place!junipar hills

Ted Ranch Campground

Only 1/4 mile from the entrance of Michigan International Speedway is Ten Ranch Campground. At this campground you will enjoy swimming, fishing, and boating! Amenities include water and electric at some sites, and some primitive sites! They even have their own flea market if you want to do some shopping! Leashed pets are welcome but know they have quiet hours from 10pm to 7am so if your dog likes to bark you may want to find a puppy sitter.

Head over to the website of the Michigan International Speedway to get your race tickets now! Don’t wait and end up with nosebleed seats! Get close enough so that you can feel the roar of the engine, smell the racing fuel, and feel your hair whip in the wind as the cars whiz past. Who knows, maybe you really will get a whiff of Joey’s cologne!