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Fifth Wheel Hitch Brands

which hitch is best for your 5th wheel

While all fifth wheel hitches work to do the same thing--retain the trailer king pin--they're not all the same. Hitches vary by their weight capacity, how they mount to a tow vehicle, and the features they offer, so it's not a one-size-fits-all kind of deal. In addition to variations in hitches, the size of your truck bed also comes into play when determining which hitch is best for you. If your truck has a 6'-long bed, you'll need to shop for a different fifth wheel hitch than someone who's towing with a truck that has an 8'-long full-length bed. Let's take a look at the different features of fifth wheel hitches and some of the best fifth wheel hitch brands available.

Features of Fifth Wheel Hitches

Capacity: First and foremost, find out the maximum capacity of your fifth wheel when it's fully loaded. This is the GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating). This number is the curb weight plus all cargo, passengers, fuel, and other accessories. Never exceed this amount when loading your fifth wheel.

Mounting style: Fifth wheel hitches mount inside a truck bed with a rail system. Some hitches can be application sensitive, using custom brackets that make the installation cleaner, but the most common mounting style is the universal style.

Single jaw vs. Dual jaw: A single jaw will hold the king pin tightly enough that it won't come loose from the hitch, but it will allow the pin to rattle around in the hitch. You'll hear and feel this in the truck cab, which could make for a very long trip.  A dual jaw simply holds the king pin more securely, giving you a quieter, smoother ride up front. Some hitches are even equipped with serrated dual jaw and vibration dampeners for a cushiony ride.

Standard vs. Slider: If your towing vehicle has an 8'-long truck bed, then a standard hitch is fine. But if your truck bed is 6' long, you'll need a hitch with a slider to avoid any damage to your truck's cab. A slider provides more clearance between the front end cap of your fifth wheel and the rear of your cab. If there isn't enough clearance, turning will be difficult. The fifth wheel will collide with your truck's cab, most likely inhibiting your ability to make turns and/or damaging your RV and truck.

Fifth Wheel Hitch Brands

20K Towing Capacity Fifth Wheel Hitch by Curt

    • 20,000 lb. towing capacity

    • 5,000 lb. pin weight capacity

    • 3-point indicator system that's visible from inside your truck

    • 13"-17" height adjustment

    • Lockable for trailer security

    • Positive locking dual jaw system with 360 degree pin contact and lock indicators

    • 2-pin head removal

    • Short throw, single-handle operation

    • 3 lube points with easy access grease fittings

    • 3-point progressive resistance limits lateral movement (7°)

    • Mounts to industry standard rails


20K Towing Capacity Fifth Wheel Hitch by Reese

    • 20,000 lb. towing capacity

    • 5,000 lb. pin weight capacity

    • Cast pivot beam incorporates a vibration isolator system

    • Improved head funneling for king pin to latch into jaw system

    • New control handle with lock system eliminates the need for a separate latch

    • Added grease points in critical areas prolongs wear and life

    • 14"-18" vertical height adjustment

    • 4-way head articulation, side-to-side 5°

    • 9"-wide funnel area makes for easy hook up


18K Towing Capacity Fifth Wheel Hitch by Free Ride

    • 18,000 lb. towing capacity

    • 3,500 lb. pin weight capacity

    • 13"-17" height adjustment

    • Removes easily and completely to allow full use of your truck bed

    • Easy On/Off design

    • No undercarriage installation

    • Side-to-side pivot of 10°

free ride

18K Towing Capacity Fifth Wheel Hitch by PowerPull 

    • 18,000 towing capacity

    • One-piece formed 5/8"-thick top plate

    • One-piece full-wrap jaw

    • Auto-load mechanism

    • King pin alignment funnel

    • Patented auto-locking mechanism

    • 4-position adjustable uprights

    • Upgraded legs for stronger stance

    • Improved stronger cross member

    • Patented pop-out indicator

power pull

16K Towing Capacity Fifth Wheel Hitch by Select Series 

    • 16,000 lb. towing capacity

    • 4,000 lb. pin weight capacity

    • Less torque fatigue for a smoother, more comfortable ride

    • Features 5° side-to-side pivot to better accommodate hook-ups on uneven ground and easier towing

    • Quick installation

    • Easy removal in seconds allows full access to truck bed

    • 14 1/2" -18" height adjustment

    • Two-jaw locking system

select series

Contact us at with all of your fifth wheel hitch questions. The friendly and knowledgeable team members in our parts department will be able to steer you in the right direction and help you find the perfect fifth wheel hitch for your RV and truck so you can hit the open road ASAP!
2024 Final RV Auction
2024 Final RV Auction