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Campfire Skillet German Potato Salad

Greetings, this is SJ from Lakeshore RV! While I’m not an accomplished gourmet chef, I do cook a little and I am noticing that there seems to be so many options when it comes to campground cooking.  I'm thinking that it would be fun to learn a thing or two and along the way, share what I am learning in the camp kitchen with you. So, as I continue my camping journey, I invite you to join me in a segment I would like to call: "Campground Cooking". Please join me for this ride, this should prove to be quite interesting!

We all know that hot dogs over the fire, smores, hobo pies and hobo pizzas, seem to be the camp cooking basics.  Even though these basic campfire meals are tasty, with the camping trips I plan on doing, I don’t exactly want to live off of that stuff forever now do I?  So, besides some of the basics, I’m going to try to get more into gourmet cooking with the twist of learning how to cook these meals over the fire.

I encountered this Potato Salad recipe along my travels and thought I would see what you all thought of it.


What you will need for this recipe:

4 slices of bacon, (you may also use Vegetarian Bacon :) )
1 medium red onion DICED
1 pound red potatoes
3 tbsp. white vinegar
Salt and Pepper to taste

    • Depending on how much time you have, you may want to boil and cool your potatoes ahead of time so that this step doesn’t take as long. I suggest you prepare your potatoes at home and bring them along on your camping expedition. If you prefer an authentic camping experience, you may also boil them over the fire.

    • Place the potatoes into a large pot and cover with water. Bring to a boil, then reduce heat, cover and simmer until tender. Drain and refrigerate until cold. Peel and cube once cold.

    • Next you will want to use a skillet over the fire to fry your bacon - bacon should be light brown when ready.

    • When done, remove the bacon and add diced onions to the bacon drippings, cooking and stirring until the onion becomes clear in color.

    • Next, add your potatoes to the mix and sear for a minute or until brown and crisp.

    • Remove from heat and pour the contents of the skillet into a large bowl.

    • Crumble your bacon and add to the potatoes.

    • Next, add vinegar salt and pepper, mix thoroughly.

    • Chill for about an hour, serve and enjoy!

Did you enjoy this campfire recipe? I look forward to reading your comments!
2024 Final RV Auction
2024 Final RV Auction