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Easy Halloween Recipes For RV Campers

Zombies, ghosts, vampire brains, oh my! Green spaghetti dinner.

Halloween—a holiday for scaring, screaming, dressing up, and getting as much candy as you can before the sun goes down! What’s not to love!?! Halloween is probably my favorite holiday, as it’s all about having fun and enjoying food that’s cute, creepy, spooky, and sometimes downright disgusting looking. One of our local state parks has a big Halloween celebration every year where campers decorate their campsites and little campers go trick or treating through the campground. It’s spooktacular! If you plan to go camping around Halloween, consider making some of these easy Halloween recipes for RV campers to put a little festive fright onto your picnic table.

Awesome Apple Slices

chocolate and carmel covered apple




Caramel and/or white chocolate

Toppings (sprinkles, nuts, candy pieces, etc.)


  1. Cut apples into slices that are about ½ to ¾” thick. Remove the apple seeds.

  2. Insert a plastic or wooden lollipop stick into the bottom of each apple.

  3. Pat the apples dry and let them sit for a little while so they start to dry out.

  4. Melt your chocolate in either the microwave or in a double broiler over the stove.

  5. Cover each apple slice completely with melted chocolate. Let the chocolate melt onto the stick so that it helps hold the apple and stick together.

  6. Set them on wax paper and let the chocolate harden.

  7. Once the chocolate has hardened, drizzle melted caramel and/or white chocolate over the apple slices.

  8. Sprinkle toppings (nuts, sprinkles, candy pieces, etc.) on top if desired.

  9. Let them harden completely. Eat immediately or refrigerate overnight.

Draw on Your Food

halloween faces drawn on fruit



Mandarin oranges

Hard-boiled eggs

Black Sharpie marker


  1. Grab a thin and thick black Sharpie marker and get ready to draw spooky, scary, silly faces on eggs and fruit.

  2. On the bananas, the “scream” face works well because of the elongated shape of a banana.

  3. Since the mandarin oranges are shaped a lot like pumpkins, any good jack-o'-lantern face works well on these.

  4. Draw a variety of faces on the hard-boiled eggs and either store them back in the egg carton to give someone a morning scare as they reach for an egg or place them around your house for decoration.

  5. For all of these, first use the thin Sharpie marker to create the face outline and then use the thick Sharpie to fill them in.

Creepy-Crawly Taco Dip

Creepy crawly spider taco dip


1 can of refried beans

1 can of black beans (drained and rinsed)

1 container of guacamole

½ C. of sour cream

1 C. of salsa

½ C. shredded lettuce

1 C. Colby Jack cheese (shredded)

½ C. of black olives (sliced)

1 large tomato (diced)

Tortilla chips

Plastic spider ring


  1. Heat up the refried beans on the stove. On a round or square serving tray/dish, create an outer ring using the refried beans.

  2. Spoon the drained/rinsed black beans onto the refried beans.

  3. Spoon the guacamole into the center opening in the middle of the beans to cover the plate. Spread it around until the entire middle area is covered.

  4. Put the ½ cup of sour cream in a plastic baggie. Cut a tiny hole in one of the corners through which you can squeeze a thin line of sour cream. Or use a plastic condiment bottle if you have one. Make a dot of sour cream right in the center of the guacamole. Then make about 3-4 circles around the dot that get larger as they get further out toward the beans. Using a knife or other pointy tool, draw lines in the sour cream starting at the center dot and dragging them out toward the beans. This will help create the spider web design.

  5. Evenly pour the salsa on top of the beans.

  6. Evenly sprinkle the lettuce on top of the salsa.

  7. Now add cheese on top of the lettuce.

  8. Place sliced black olives on top of the cheese.

  9. Add another layer of sour cream over your already drawn spider web design so that it stands out.

  10. Add the diced tomatoes as the final layer of your spider web taco dip.

  11. For one last spooky touch, set a plastic spider ring in the middle of the web design.

  12. Serve immediately with tortilla chips!

Bowl-of-Brains Spaghetti



One 16 oz. box of spaghetti noodles

2 Tbsp. of green food coloring


  1. Add 2 tablespoons of green food coloring to 5 quarts of water. Bring it to a rolling boil.

  2. Add the entire box of spaghetti noodles and cook according to the package directions.

  3. Strain noodles when they’re done cooking. Add another drop or two of green food coloring until you reach the desired color of brain spaghetti.

  4. Serve pasta with blood-red marinara sauce on top for a totally creepy Halloween pasta dish!

All-Wrapped-Up Mummy Cookies

Halloween mummy cookies


1 package of Pepperidge Farm Double Chocolate Milano cookies

1 C. white chocolate chips

½ Tbsp. vegetable oil or shortening

Black pearl sprinkles (2 for each cookie)


  1. To dip half of the cookies: Place ½ cup of the white chocolate chips in a microwave-safe bowl. Add in ¼ tablespoon of the oil or shortening to thin the mixture.

  2. Microwave for 30 seconds and stir immediately. Return to the microwave for another 25 seconds. Stir again. If more melting is needed, microwave again for another 15 seconds or so and add more oil or shortening if desired.

  3. Dip cookies into the chocolate so ¾ of each cookie is covered with white chocolate.

  4. Place the cookies on wax paper or parchment paper to dry.

  5. Repeat these steps with the rest of the cookies and the other ½ cup of white chocolate chips.

  6. Fill a plastic baggie with the remaining melted white chocolate. Reheat it if it has started to harden. Cut a small hole in a corner of the baggie.

  7. Drizzle the melted chocolate over the cookies to mimic a mummy look.

  8. Set two black eyes on each mummy in the wet chocolate. Let them dry completely before serving them or transferring them to a storage container.

Chocolate Pretzel Monster Cookies



1 bag of thin pretzel sticks

1 bag of colored chocolate candy discs

Food coloring that matches the candy colors you have picked (if desired)

Candy eye balls


  1. Break pretzel sticks into small pieces and set aside.

  2. Melt chocolate candy discs according to the package directions. Melt the colors separately.

  3. Add a few drops of food coloring to each bowl of melted chocolate if you want a darker or richer color.

  4. Mix the pretzel sticks into the melted chocolate. Stir until the pretzels are thoroughly coated and colored.

  5. Spoon the candy-coated pretzels onto a baking sheet covered with wax or parchment paper (about a tablespoon each).

  6. Add two candy eyes to each one (set them askew for a silly monster look).

  7. Put them in the refrigerator for about 10 minutes to harden.

Gummy Worm Slushies

punch bowl with gummy worms


A 2-liter of clear soda (Sierra Mist, Sprite)

Gummy worms

Orange-Peach-Mango juice (refrigerated juice aisle)


  1. In an ice cube tray, place a gummy worm and fill it the rest of the way with soda. Freeze.

  2. Place the wormy ice cubes in the bottom of a pitcher and fill it with soda and fruit juice (equal parts).

  3. Place the pitcher in the freezer and stir it every 20 minutes until it has a slushy consistency.

  4. Serve with a straw! Enjoy!

Do you have any favorite easy Halloween recipes that would be good for camping? Let us know in the comments!

2024 Summer Vacation Special
2024 Summer Vacation Special
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