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Cleaning Products for RV Exteriors

Lakeshore RV Center

cleaning products for RV

Washing your RV can be a pretty daunting task due to its size. Keeping the outside clean is important to ensuing that it looks great but also that things remain working properly. Dirt can get into working parts such as slide-out mechanisms, awning extenders, and wreak havoc on them. These moving parts aside, the dirt and grime if left sit will oxidize to the surface of the fiberglass and then it’s even harder to get it off there. To save yourself the headache of any of these issues, wash your RV regularly. There are some cleaning products for RV exteriors that will make the job a bit more manageable.


Adjustable RV Wash Brushes

These brushes are amazing! You attach the hose right to them and can turn the water off and on right at the handle of the brush. These brushes are on a telescoping handle so you can adjust the length to meet the area you’re washing. This will help keep you off the ladder and on the ground. Some of these brushes like the ones from Camco have different bristles on them, some to scrub and lift off the dirt and then softer ones to wipe it away.


Power Sprayer

Don’t get this confused with a pressure washer. You never want to use one of those as it can cause damage to the paint and graphics on your RV. This is a spray nozzle for a bottle of cleaner but it’s much more powerful. This will help you reach up to 14 feet and get your cleaning solution up to the highest areas of the RV. Then all you have to do is take your adjustable wash brush and scrub it down while the hose rinses!

scott rags

Scott Rags-In-A-Box

These rags are perfect for windows and wiping down other areas. They work as well as a cloth rag but are disposable. They pop up out of the top like a dispenser, which makes grabbing one out a cinch! Then when you’re done you just pitch them in the garbage and there’s no need to wash them. They’re also pretty affordable at around $14 for a box of 350.


Tub-O-Towels Multi Purpose Towels

These towels are a little like the Scott rags in the fact that they’re disposable but they’re wet. These are great for stains like grease, tar, ink, paint, marker, and many other hard to remove soils. No water is necessary and they also contain lanolin, aloe, and vitamin E, which are all great on your hands!


Bug Squeegee

As you know, towing an RV down the road, especially at night, can collect a lot of bugs. If they’re not cleaned off right away they can get really stuck on there and hard to remove. If you get a bug squeegee you can wipe these bugs away when you get to your destination easily. They come with a telescoping handle to make it easier to get to the top and have a mesh on one side that makes getting them off simple.


Collapsible Wash Bucket

This is a bucket that folds up for easy storage. The greatest thing is that it’s oblong so you can get your brush in there without having to try and wrench it sideways. When you fold it down, it’s only 2 3/4” tall which is much easier to store and fit in your RV than a big 5 gallon bucket.
2024 Summer Vacation Special
2024 Summer Vacation Special
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