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How To Install an A/C Unit In Your RV

Lakeshore RV Center

be the cool camper this summer

Warm weather is right around the corner! And before long you’ll be basking in the sun and enjoying some much-needed time away with your loved ones on a fun camping trip. But this year, you’ve decided to not put up with hot, sweaty nights inside your RV while everyone around you sleeps peacefully with their A/Cs purring. You’ve purchased an RV A/C unit that will turn your sweatbox-on-wheels into a cool oasis where you can rest in peace and wake feeling refreshed and recharged!But first, you have to install it! With just a few simple tools and a little elbow grease, installing a roof-mounted A/C unit should be easy and quick. Use the following instructions, along with your A/C unit’s installation manual, to install the unit in your RV. While all RVs and air conditioning units vary, it’s important to refer to all applicable user manuals before attempting to remove and install anything on your RV. Also be mindful of disconnecting the RV’s wiring to reduce the risk of shock or damage to your RV. If you are unfamiliar with electrical components and wiring, seek help!

    1. Before beginning any of the A/C roof work, protect the roof around the vent opening with blankets or heavy drop cloths.

    1. Remove the A/C shroud from the old unit by unscrewing the four (4) screws or bolts that are most likely holding it on.

    1. Once the old unit has been lifted out of its housing, use a putty knife to remove remaining adhesives or flashing from around where the base was resting. Any adhesives/flashing that isn’t removed could cause problems with waterproofing the new unit.

    1. Head inside your RV and use the appropriate tool to remove the four (4) bolts that hold the unit in place. Once they’re removed, the ceiling flange will be loosened.

    1. Disconnect the electrical wiring.

    1. Unscrew or pull the ducting so it’s free from the A/C unit.

    1. Head back up onto the roof to remove the unit.

    1. Clean the area once the unit is removed so that a new watertight seal will adhere well.

removing unit


    1. Remove the A/C shroud from the new unit.

    1. A helper inside the unit can help you guide it into place while you center the unit over the duct hole on the roof. Set it down carefully.

    1. Once set in place properly, tighten the retaining bolts.

    1. If your unit has a duct that attaches to the A/C ceiling assembly, use the adhesive strip to attach the duct into place.

    1. Remove excess ducting if there is any.

installing unit


    1. Attach the line to the new color-coded wires inside the junction box of the ceiling assembly.

    1. Connect all the wires accordingly.

    1. Tighten the wire nuts and use electrical tape to secure the black and white wires if necessary (optional).

    1. Plug the control wire harness from the new A/C unit into the ceiling control assembly.

    1. If you’re installing an optional heat strip, attach it to the mounting bracket inside the ceiling assembly. Then plug the heating element connecting wires into the control cover.

    1. Attach the filter cover.

    1. Put the shroud over the A/C unit.

    1. Reconnect power to your unit and test your new A/C to ensure that it works correctly.


Have you installed an A/C unit on your RV? Do you have any tips or tricks for making it easier? We’d love to hear them!

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2024 Final RV Auction
2024 Final RV Auction