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Purchasing Your RV from Lakeshore RV Center--FAQs

weve-got-answers-to-your-questions The RV representatives at Lakeshore RV receive all kinds of questions from customers interested in making an RV purchase. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions we hear, and the answers to them too! If you've got any more questions for us, please feel free to leave them in the comments and we'll get back to you with answers as soon as possible! Or just stop into our dealership so we can chat in person and you can check out some of the amazing RVs available on our easy-to-browse lot!

1. Why are your prices so much lower than other dealerships?

The simple answer is because we deal in such high volumes. Lakeshore RV buys and sells substantially more RVs than other dealerships, which allows us to pass incredible savings on to our customers. With our exclusive discounts and cost-cutting offers, we can guarantee the lowest prices nationwide! Check out our huge selection of new, used, and clearance RVs conveniently on our website! show-prices

2. What is included in a new RV?

Each new RV purchased from Lakeshore RV Center includes a manufacturer's warranty and guaranteed post-purchase service from us after the sale. Specific features will vary from model to model, but we've made it easy on our customers to compare RVs by offering detailed photos, floor plans, and descriptions right on our website! With many of our more popular models, we even offer virtual tours. You can also learn more about available brands and features by checking out our videos on Lakeshore RV's Youtube! Many RVs offer add-ons, so be sure to inquire about additional features that peak your interest. Custom build options are also available to make sure that everything you want in an RV is included in the one you get!

3. What if I live too far away to pick up my new RV?

Lakeshore RV Center is proud to offer customers worldwide delivery services! Our in-house transport company allows us to offer quick 24-hour turnaround for transporting new RVs to our customers. Transportation from Lakeshore RV Center is very affordable and can even be more cost-effective than purchasing from other dealers. You can feel confident with our trusted and insured drivers who deliver your new RV from our store to your front door with GPS tracking available the whole way!

4. How much does it cost to ship an RV to my home?

Because it's based on your specific location, the answer to this question changes with each person who asks us. Transport costs are calculated from postal code to postal code using a 1-way loaded weight-per-mile calculation, so the cost is dependent on the distance. To find out what the exact cost would be for you, simply call our team and they'll provide you with a free custom quote on shipping a new RV directly to your door! lsrv-store

5. Does Lakeshore RV Center offer financing?

Yes! Lakeshore RV Center is happy to help you find the best financing available for your new RV purchase. We work with credible, national lenders who offer no pre-payment penalties or finance charges! We even offer Canadian financing for our friends to the north! Check out our convenient finance calculator to determine your monthly payments. Then fill out a credit application conveniently online to get pre-approved for your new RV! financing

6. What can I tow with my current vehicle?

Lakeshore RV Center offers a wide variety of towable trailers, toy haulers, and fifth wheels from lightweight travel trailers to larger fifth wheel RVs. Each vehicle has its own recommended towing capacity based on size and weight. Check with your owner's manual for the exact recommended towing load of your vehicle, or ask one of our sales agents to assist you with choosing the right RV for your vehicle.

7. Will I need to purchase a new hitch to tow my RV?

Maybe. Maybe not. Every RV unit we sell requires varying weight distribution, sway control, and brake control equipment. Fifth wheel hitching requires some specialty equipment to be installed in the bed of your pickup truck. Ask one of our sales agents to assist you in determining the equipment that would work best to meet your specific needs. To make things even easier, our service department is happy to install your new hitch and towing equipment when you come to pick up your new RV! If you have any more questions, please leave a comment below or call our team of experts at231-788-2040! We are happy to help clear up any concerns you might have or provide any RV insights that we can! Get in on the fun and join the other satisfied customers of Lakeshore RV Center who are taking on the open road with their new RVs in search of adventure!