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2024 Summer Vacation Special
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Why Should You Consider Buying A Pre-Owned RV?

Why Should You Consider Buying A Pre-Owned RV? If you're like me, you love finding great deals! There is really no better feeling than finding what I'm looking for and discovering that I'm getting it on sale and saving money! Instead of feeling guilty about spending money, I feel like I conquered the world (or at least didn't go further into debt). If you're considering purchasing an RV, you're probably working within a budget and hoping to find what you're looking for well within your means. One way to do this is by purchasing a pre-owned RV that has a few miles on it but fewer dollar signs in front of it. Why should you consider buying a pre-owned RV? Keep reading to find out! LSRV-Breaker


Oh, the Savings!

You know that saying: One man's trash is another man's treasure! While I don't like using the word trash when referring to lovely pre-owned RVs, the essence of this saying is true when talking about shopping for a used RV. What others are ready to discard, you can pick up and enjoy for years to come. Most RVers hold onto their RV for a few years and then decide to sell or trade in their rig for a number of reasons. Maybe their children have grown and they need more room, so they're moving up from a smaller travel trailer with fold-down bunks to a larger travel trailer with a spacious bunkhouse. Or the RV they have loved for years of weekend camping has a floor plan that doesn't work for them now that they're considering becoming full-time RVers. Whatever the reason, their loss is your gain! You can swoop in with hawk-like precision and snatch up a well-loved RV for a fraction of its original selling price. According to my research, a 3-year-old RV will typically sell for half the price it did when brand new! That's a savings that will rock your RV world! It still has all the bells and whistles it did when it was brand spanking new on the sales lot, the only things it's missing are the new RV smell and the big price tag. Just think of the fun RVing and camping accessories that you can buy and the amazing places you can travel with all the extra money in your pocket! LSRV-Breaker


The Good Life Can Be Yours!

Do you have expensive taste? I do! And I wish I had the bank account to back it up, but I don't. So I often shop for the finer things when they're on sale. If you love a particularly expensive brand or model of RV but a new one doesn't fit into the budget you've set, don't despair! You can enjoy all the fancy touches and high-tech gadgets of a higher priced RV when you purchase one that is a few years old. Let someone else break it in for a few years and then you can enjoy it once they're ready to let go of it. Unwind on a cool night in front of an electric fireplace, enjoy the convenience of a full outdoor kitchen on a sunny day, and move about in a spacious four slide-out RV without having to get a second mortgage on your home. Your dream of comfortable, high-end RV living is well within reach when you purchase a pre-owned RV. LSRV-Breaker

5th-wheel-road 2

Timing is Everything!

If you're in the market for a pre-owned RV, it's best to plan ahead. Think about shopping for a pre-owned RV before you're ready to pack up and hit the road. The best times of year to shop for a pre-owned RV are fall and winter. Why? Well, the market gets flooded during these months with RVs that people have enjoyed over the warm summer months and are now ready to unload. Maybe they're buying a new one and have to sell their current RV. Or they don't want to pay to winterize and store it, so they're just going to get rid of it. Or there's always the possibility (albeit a slight one!) that new RVers are selling their barely-used RV because they gave RVing a try and realized they weren't cut out for the camping lifestyle. This is extremely rare, like someone not liking ice cream, but it probably does happen (although I've never heard of it happening in my lifetime). So even though summer has come to a close and the next warm camping season feels like a lifetime away, this is a great time to start perusing RV websites, like, to check out their growing pre-owned RV inventory. At Lakeshore RV, we fully detail every pre-owned RV that we add to our inventory so you drive away with a beautiful, sparkling clean RV. So while snowbirds are heading south for the winter and others are winterizing and storing their rigs, you can start dreaming and searching for your new-to-you RV that will offer years of camping fun! At the end of the camping season, you're guaranteed to get a great deal on a pre-owned RV that a dealership would rather not have to keep in stock all winter. LSRV-Breaker When you're ready to start your pre-owned RV search, call, text, or visit us in person at Lakeshore RV in Muskegon, MI. Our friendly, knowledgeable sales staff will answer all your questions and direct you toward a pre-owned RV that is perfect for you! Upon purchase you will receive our Lakeshore RV Customer Orientation that will familiarize you with your new RV. Our goal is that you drive away with an RV that you know inside and out and are excited to start experiencing the RV lifestyle with! Don't delay! Check out our great pre-owned RV inventory today.
2024 Summer Vacation Special
2024 Summer Vacation Special
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