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Getting Started

So you've either bought a new RV or are considering buying one! What an exciting (and possibly confusing) time! Whether this is your very first RV or your fifth, there is a lot to know and do as you plan your RV future. Use our RV checklists, articles on road safety, and helpful guidelines on how to choose an RV to guide you as you embark on this fun journey!
RV Campground Etiquette

Learn about RV Campground Etiquette with this great blog article by Lakeshore RV Center

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Where can I park my RV

Traveling around the country in an RV is a great way to see the world on wheels. However, it’s very important to stop and rest when needed.

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Best Small RV Trailer or Small Camper

Small RVs are lightweight and affordable especially for the younger generation.

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Key Differences Between Travel Trailers, 5th Wheel RVs and Destination Trailers

Ever get confused as to what RV you see traveling down the road? We break down the differences between travel trailers, 5th wheels, and destination trailers!

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How To Properly Operate Your RV Propane Stove

How To Properly Operate Your RV Propane Stove, Lakeshore RV Center. We review how to safely start and use your propane stove, along with a few extra tips.

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The Rocky Mountains
Going Up? Travel Tips for Heading to Higher Altitudes

If you're planning a trip that'll have you climbing to higher elevations, take this advice so you're prepared for changing temps and altitude sickness.

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Shelter From The Storm: How An RV Can Provide Disaster Relief

When disaster strikes, be prepared with your RV to offer shelter, food, water, and first aid to anyone you can. Have a plan and be ready to act!

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RV Fridge Vs Residential Fridge
The Difference Between RV Fridges & Residential Fridges

Here we’ll be making the distinction between RV fridges and residential fridges so you can learn the differences and decide which one is right for you!

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5th Wheel Hitch
How To Install a Fifth Wheel Hitch Yourself

Save some cash and get insights about the mechanics of your rig here as we discuss how to install a fifth wheel hitch yourself! A video's included too!

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RV Show Season Tips
Tips For This RV Show Season

Ready to check out some new RVs? Here are some great tips for this RV show season to keep in mind while you're on the lookout for your new, perfect RV!

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Tips For RVing Int He Winter
Winter RV Travel Tips

Braving the elements with your rig? Check out these helpful winter RV travel trips to stay safe and warm no matter what Mother Nature throws your way!

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The Interior And Exterior Of 2017 RVs
No Longer the RV Your Grandparents Once Knew . . .

A new generation of campers are taking over and they are no longer the RVs your grandparents once knew! Read here to see how far they've evolved!

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Choosing The Best RV To Fit Your Lifestyle
Choosing/Selecting the Right RV

In the market for a new RV, but just not sure which one is right for you? Check out these helpful tips and tricks for choosing/selecting the right RV!

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Nothing But Break Lights? Take Caution! Tips For Driving Your RV During Bad Weather
RVing in Bad Weather

Weather can be unpredictable and can change in an instant. Check out this guide to RVing in bad weather for tips to be prepared if the weather turns!

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RV Old Wooden Tool Box
What's in your RV's tool box?

Be prepared to take on any RV repair on your next camping trip by bringing along a well-stocked RV tool kit that has all the essential tools.

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Purchasing Your RV from Lakeshore RV Center--FAQs

If you've got questions, we've got answers! Click for responses to our most frequently asked questions regarding RV purchases from Lakeshore RV Center!

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First Time Travel Trailer
Buying That First Travel Trailer

Are you new to the world of RVs and aren't quite sure exactly what to look for? Click to check out these helpful tips for buying that first travel trailer!

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First Time RV Purchase
Don't Let That First-Time RV Purchase Be Intimidating

Don’t let that first-time RV purchase be intimidating! We’re here to help make the process easier! Click now for valuable info to help you make a decision!

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Why Should You Consider Buying A Pre Owned RV?
Why Should You Consider Buying A Pre-Owned RV?

Buying a pre-owned RV has many advantages! Cash in on savings and drive away with the RV of your dreams by purchasing a gently used RV.

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Toilet Flushing With Green Thumbs Up And Red Thumbs Down
RV Toilets: What to Flush and Not to Flush

If you're wondering what you can and cannot flush down your RV's toilet, look no further. We've got the scoop here!

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Girl Phone RV Road Safety
Is It Legal to Ride in an RV While It's Being Towed?

It’s legal to ride in the back of a motorhome but, is it legal to ride in an towed RV? Make sure you don't end up with a ticket on your hands!

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Gears RV Man Engine
What To Do If Your Low Gear Doesn't Engage

Do you know what to do if your low gear doesn't engage? If you don't, you're not going to want to hit the road without reading this post!

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Essentials For Every First Time RV Owner
Essentials for Every First Time RV Owner

These essentials for every first time RV owner will make life on the road a lot more enjoyable even while you’re maintaining your RV.

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RV Sanitaion Station
RV Sanitation Stations

Since your RV has plumbing for the sinks, shower, and toilet, that means you get to visit the RV sanitation stations to clean out the holding tanks.

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