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Best TV Shows And Movies About RVing

rv movies and tv showsRVing is a great pastime, and you may love it so much that you’d like to watch tv shows and movies about RVing! Whether it’s an informative show, or an entertaining movie, you can gain a lot of useful knowledge and get a glimpse into what RV travel can really be like! Here is our list of some of the best TV shows and movies about RVing!

TV Shows

Rollin’ On TV

This great series is an RV lifestyle television program that touches on all areas of RV living! This program highlights several destinations for viewers to check out, product testing, helpful tips, factory tours, and RV cooking and kitchen tips! You’ll learn a lot about your RV, as they answer a lot of tough questions you may have, and provide a lot of tips and great ideas to improve your travels! To watch, check out national networks as well as streaming platforms. Visit for more information.rollin on tv

RV 2015

Although this show is no longer being made, you can catch clips on the HGTV website, the GAC website, and on youtube! If you’re in the market for an RV, or just love to see the great rigs that are out there, this is the show for you! There are plenty of informative episodes that highlight a lot of great RVs, going over the layout and features of the fabulous rigs as families search for their perfect RV!rv 2015

Going RV

This show follows people as they embark on their journey of purchasing the RVs of their dreams! You’ll see a lot of amazing RVs as these people look to upgrade their existing rigs, or are purchasing for the first time! Watch daring homeowners leave their ordinary daily life for an adventure on the open road. You’ll be able to catch it on the GAC channel and website!rving 2015

Celebrity Motorhomes

Another great GAC channel show, this series takes you on a tour of RVs of some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry! These customary designed rigs will blow your mind, as they have all the insane upgrades you could imagine to make them the ultimate luxury vehicles! With stars such as Mariah Carey, Brad Pitt, and Gwen Stefani, you’ll get a glimpse into how the rich and famous do motorhome travel!celebrity motorhomes

Flippin’ RV

Justin and Anna Scribner have jumped on the flipping bandwagon, but with RVs! They find awesome vintage RVs and trailers and refurbish them into amazing spaces that use fixtures, appliances, and decoration that is true to the era that the RVs originated from! Catch in on GAC channel!flippin rv

Buying RVs

Join a new couple each episode as they shop for their new, dream RV! Watch each family as they discover decked out campers with slide out features to make their living space larger or off road features. Many amenities to fit each shoppers need. Stream now on Google Play.

Rock My RV

Travel Channel takes an in-depth look at Bret Michaels RV passion. A never before seen transformations of everyday RVs in mobile mansions. Bret Michaels is a hands-on enthusiast that leads a team of skilled custom RV designers who transform ordinarys into outrageous.

rv film roll



A man attempts to reconnect with his modern and increasingly distant family by renting a Forest River Georgetown RV for a trip to Colorado! Hilarity ensues of course, and shows us a great example of why it is important to maintain your black tank! You’ll also see a full-time camping family, as zany as they might be! Through several camping mishaps, the Munro family begins to enjoy their trip and eventually connect with a community of campers. Starring Robin Williams, this is a great movie for the whole family! rv

Lost In America

After being fired, a man persuades his wife to quit her job and set off to travel cross-country in a Winnebago for the ultimate American experience! After betting and losing their life savings on a roulette wheel, they realize that the American dream isn’t all that they thought it was! This hilarious comedy stars Albert Brooks and Julie Hagerty and will be sure to have you laughing!lost in america

We’re The Millers

Pot dealer David must pay his debt to his supplier after being robbed of his stash and money by making a trip to Mexico to pick up a shipment. To avoid suspicion, David hires a rag-tag group of acquaintances to pose as his family as they set out in a Coachmen Encounter Class A Motorhome to smuggle drugs from Mexico into the United States, but naturally, things don’t exactly go as planned! Although this isn’t exactly a kid-friendly movie, adults will enjoy this hilarious comedy starring Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Aniston!we're the millers

The Long, Long Trailer

This 1950s classic follows a newlywed couple as they decide to pack up and enjoy their honeymoon in a great 36-foot travel trailer RV! Starring Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, this film shows a hilarious and realistic view of traveling as a couple!the long long trailer

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

A holiday classic! Uncle Eddie and family rolls up to the Griswolds’ house in their rundown motorhome. Clark Griswold has continuous bad luck but manages to keepgoing knowing that his Christmas bonus is coming soon. This hilarious comedy stars Chevy Chase.

Highway to Havasu

Highschool spring break is approaching and childhood friends kidnap their estranged friend who just had been dumped by his longtime girlfriend in a stolen RV. The group heads to the epic spring Break destination of Lake Havasu City, Arizona for their last spring break together. This amusing comedy will be sure to have you laughing!

rv film roll