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2024 Dog Days Of Summer Sale
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Rediscovering the RV Lifestyle

Rediscover Adventure through RVing If it's been a while since you left behind the lights and sounds of the big city and embarked on a camping trip into the peace and quiet of the great outdoors, then you may have forgotten what drew you to the adventure in the first place. Maybe you went with some friends for a fun mountain biking weekend. Or maybe you and your spouse enjoyed a romantic trip into the mountains. Or maybe you went all out and drove your family of five 1,000 miles across the country to visit one of our beautiful national parks. Whatever the reason for packing up your hot dog roasters and hiking boots and hitching up the RV, there are a million reasons to do it again! In case you've forgotten all the fun that's to be had, let me help you rediscover the RV lifestyle so you can live the good life no matter where you set up camp.

Family Time

Bring Back Family - biking and RVingBring Back Family - biking and RVing There is nothing better than spending quality time with your children without the interruptions and distractions of cell phones, social media, and electronic games. It's hard to find opportunities like this at home, when everyone is surrounded by the demands of work, school, sports, friends, and other responsibilities that push family time way down on the priority list. When you're able to pack up and hit the road with your family, whether for a weekend at a nearby campground or for an extended cross-country trip, the time you get to spend together is invaluable. With everyone unplugged from devices and tuned into each other, you get the opportunity to reconnect and have genuine family fun that great memories are made of. The possibilities for awesome family destinations are endless! If you're a fishing-loving family, visit these top fishing spots in Michigan where you can hook perch and salmon and enjoy reel family bonding on one of these serene lakes. Or if you have an animal lover in the family, visit Oswald's Bear Ranch in northern Michigan where you can get up close and personal with actual black bears! The experience will be one your kids will talk about for years and your family will have a paws-itively good time!

Exploring Nature

Experience the Wild - Hiking and RVingExperience the Wild - Hiking and RVing When you're surrounded by the incessant noise of traffic or in the shadows of tall buildings, you start to crave the simple sights and sounds of the great outdoors. The RVing lifestyle affords you access to secluded parks and campgrounds that are off the beaten path. Here you can bask in the absolute quiet of your remote campsite and revel in the solitude that being in nature provides. Whether you live in a big city, suburb, or in a rural area, you're not likely to just stop and "smell the roses" on any given day. Or, in the case of camping, stop and identify the rare bird perched above you, stroll next to a slow-moving stream in the woods, hunt for crabs along a northeastern coastline, or just sit by your campfire and marvel at the beautiful tall pine trees that tower overhead. But when you pack up and head out into the wilderness, leaving your list of to-dos at home, all you have to do is enjoy what Mother Nature gifted to us. And take lots of pictures!

See the Country

Escape the Ordinary - National Parks and RVingEscape the Ordinary - National Parks and RVing Have you visited any of our country's 58 national parks? Have you gone to any fun festivals in other states? Have you spent any time camping along our beautiful oceans or lakes? If you answered no to any of these questions, then you should drop everything and make plans to hitch up your RV and do one of the above. It's so easy to forget that we are literally surrounded by beauty and wonder when we're up to our eyeballs in schedules, family responsibility, and the mundane tasks of our everyday lives. It's easy to get so comfortable in the bubble we live in that it's scary to think of popping it and setting a foot into the unknown. But when (not if!) you do, you'll thank yourself! And you'll be asking yourself why you didn't do it sooner! The RV lifestyle is THE way to immerse yourself in our country's beauty, whether you want to experience southwestern beauty in Arizona or take a dazzling fall color tour in Michigan. RVing is all about taking the long way and enjoying the journey, not just the destination. When you see the country through the windows of your RV, you're seeing it at its finest! What draws you to the RVing lifestyle? Share your reasons for hitching up in the comments below.
2024 Dog Days Of Summer Sale
2024 Dog Days Of Summer Sale