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Turning Your RV Into a Mobile Beauty Salon

Daughter putting makeup on her mother

Anyone who has ever spent some time in an RV knows that they are not overflowing with extra space to move around in or offer much storage space for your camping items. Even larger fifth wheels and motor homes fall short in terms of square footage compared to stick-and-brick homes. And one of the areas in RVs where this is most noticeable is in an RV bathroom. Some RV bathrooms are so small that the only way to move around in it is by standing in one spot and turning in circles. But despite the sardine-can feel of most RV bathrooms, you can still bring along your must-have beauty supplies so you can look your best out on the hiking trails or by the glow of the campfire. Turning your RV into a mobile beauty salon isn’t as hard as you’d think. Here are some ways to make getting all dolled up easier in the great outdoors! These tips are especially useful if you're a full-time RVer and you spend a lot of time in your fifth wheel or destination trailer.

helpful tips to make the most of your RV shower

Start Fresh
Beauty starts with a clean, blank canvas, so hop into your RV’s shower and soap up. If your RV’s shower is like most and doesn’t have much room for your essentials, create storage for them by adding a shower curtain rod within your shower. On the back or sidewall of your shower, affix the curtain rod up high where it won’t be in your way (but low enough that you can reach it). Then hang wire or plastic baskets from the rod using S-shaped hooks. Within the baskets you can store your body wash, shampoo, conditioner, shave gel, body scrub, face wash, loofah, and more. You just increased your bathroom storage capabilities exponentially!RV bathrooms are also not known for having much linen storage for towels, so you may have to create your own. But don’t worry, this is easy! Purchase a couple wicker baskets to hang on the wall using a few adhesive hooks. The number of baskets you can hang will depend on how much wall space your bathroom has. A great way to maximize your linen storage space is by hanging two baskets horizontally and aligned on the wall with each other and leaving about a foot or two of space between them. Then roll up your soft, plush towels and place them inside each basket and wedge additional towels between the two baskets. With these two baskets you’ve created three separate storage places for your towels.

Woman putting on make-up

Time For Makeup
While you may not spend as much time on your makeup while camping as you would if you were going out on the town for the night, you don’t want to spend your days looking like you just rolled out of bed. So bring along your everyday makeup and plan to look bright-eyed and bushy tailed with these makeup storage solutions!Rummaging through a small, overstuffed cosmetic bag in a tight RV bathroom can be frustrating. All you want is your mascara but you end up knocking your eyeliner, blush, and Q-tips out into the sink in the process. To avoid this headache, consider affixing an ingenious solution on the inside of your cabinet door or even on the wall inside your bathroom. StickOn Pods Adhesive Cosmetic Organizers are the perfect way to neatly store your makeup brushes, powders, eye makeup, nail polish, and more in a place all their own. Just peel and stick to any hard, flat surface and you instantly have makeup organizers within easy reach. When removed, they don’t leave any sticky residue for you to clean up. You can buy individual organizers or a set that includes multiple organizers in different sizes and shapes, including a toothbrush holder to help keep your pearly whites fresh and clean.If your travel trailer or fifth wheel RV bathroom wouldn’t win any awards for abundant countertop space, then this addition might be just what you need. This teacher-invented wall-mounted flip frame not only creates great storage space for beauty necessities, but it also creates additional countertop space. MyFlipFrame mounts to the wall of your small bathroom and looks like a run-of-the-mill medicine cabinet. But when you open it up, you see that the door extends downward and rests horizontally to act as a workspace. Instant countertop! It also has a front panel that allows you to add your own picture or artwork to customize your cabinet. Cute and convenient all in one!

For all of those pesky bobby pins and other metal beauty supplies, corral them with a magnetic strip that they’ll stick to. On the inside of a cabinet door, affix a magnetic strip and load it up with hair pins, tweezers, scissors, and other metal items.

Woman brushing her hair

Time for Hair
Hair tools like straightening irons and hair dryers take up a ton of room! Put them in their place by creating out-of-the-way storage solutions for them.
A super-easy way to do this is by simply affixing hooks on the inside of a bathroom cabinet door and then hanging them on the hooks. Wind up the cords so they’ll hang neatly too and they’ll stay neatly tucked away until you need them.You can also create a cool holder for your curling iron or hair dryer using PVC pipe. All you need is a PVC pipe joiner and some screws. Screw it into the wall in your RV’s bathroom and plop your hair dryer in one section and another hair tool in the other section. Easy and inexpensive!Since we don’t have eyes in the back of our head, it comes in handy to have another mirror in the bathroom when doing our hair. Add a small mirror across from your RV’s mirror at the right height so you can see how your hair looks from behind! This especially comes in handy if you’re braiding your hair or pulling it up for a hot day of hiking and want to make sure it doesn’t just look like a big knot in the back.

Nail art

Nail It!
Don’t let your manicure suffer in the great outdoors! Take advantage of a relaxing day at your campsite by giving yourself a manicure or pedicure that you want to show off. Store all of your nail polish bottles in your RV’s bathroom by attaching a spice rack to the inside of your vanity or cabinet door, or purchase the nail polish StickOn Pod (see above). You can also keep your nail files and other manicure tools in here as well.

Bathroom decor

Spruce It Up
Not that you’re going to spend a lot of time in your RV’s bathroom like you would at home in your own bathroom, but why not dress it up a little with an easy-to-apply backsplash that gives it a fancier feel! Your local home improvement store is a great place to find peel-and-stick Smart Tiles that come in beautiful colors and patterns and actually look very much like real tile. After just an hour or two your bathroom will look transformed!

Travel-size beauty products to take with you RVing

Beauty Supplies That Travel
Look for your favorite beauty supplies, like hair products, mascara, lotions, and more, that come in travel sizes. RVs are no place for full-sized bottles if you can avoid it! If you’re able to find travel sizes, then you’ll be able to bring almost all of your favorites along into the great outdoors. And if your fancy conditioner doesn’t come in a travel size, then buy a refillable travel-sized bottle and fill it up with your go-to product so you don’t have to go without.Employ products that do double duty and you’ll save space. Choose foundation that already has sunscreen in it. Use dry shampoo that also texturizers and adds much- needed volume to hair that hasn’t seen a shower for a few days. Or bring some coconut oil along for its many wonderful uses, such as a shaving oil, face/skin moisturizer, sunburn reliever, tummy soother, cooking oil, and much more.

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