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2024 Summer Vacation Special
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Your RV Adventure Starts Here

Your RV Adventure Starts Here RVing can be so many different things to so many different people. For some RVers, it's a way of escaping the hustle and bustle of the city every weekend and enjoying the peace and quiet of the great outdoors. For other people, RVing means loading up their toy haulers with their favorite outdoor toys and hitting the road for an extreme adventure. And still for others, RVing is a way of living, as many people are discovering the benefits of full-time RVing. How you RV helps determine what type of rig you'll want to travel with, as weekend campers probably don't need the luxury and amenities of a large destination trailer, and full timers will want more luxuries and space than a pop-up camper affords. Let's take a look at the uses and benefits of each type of RV. LSRV-Breaker

Pop up

Pop-Up Tent Campers

Pop-ups are the easiest and most affordable way to enjoy the great outdoors! Perfect for first-time RVers, pop-ups are easy and lightweight to tow behind almost any vehicle (no large truck needed!), they require very little maintenance compared to larger RV types, and they're super affordable. Made of aluminum or fiberglass on the base and roof and heavy-duty vinyl on the sidewalls, the design "pops up" to create a surprising amount of interior living space. Pop-up tent campers can come in very basic models, featuring not much more than a few beds and a small kitchenette, to very equipped models that have kitchens, abundant seating, bathrooms, lovely interior décor, and even a screened-in porch. If you're looking for lightweight, affordable fun that gets you as close to nature as tent camping but without the tent set-up and sore back in the morning, a pop-up tent camper is the way to go! LSRV-Breaker

Travel Trailer

Travel Trailers

Travel trailers come in all shapes and sizes, from small, lightweight models that are easy to tow to large, heavyweight ones that offer complete residential living. Lightweight hybrid travel trailers offer a combination of easy, fold-down beds on the ends but with hard sides for a more solid construction. Larger travel trailers can accommodate families that have children with the always-popular bunkhouse floor plan that makes family camping much more fun and carefree. Travel trailers hitch right up to a tow vehicle and, depending on the size you choose, can be towed by a crossover, small SUV, or half-ton truck. LSRV-Breaker

5th wheel

Fifth Wheels

For more substantial, spacious RV living, check out a fifth wheel! These large RVs are built for longer getaways. They're outfitted with more plush interior furnishings, more residential conveniences, such as larger refrigerators and ovens, and larger bathrooms. Featuring a raised front level, you'll enjoy a separate living area that is generally either the master suite or a large entertainment room. Fifth wheels usually have multiple slide outs for loads of interior living space so you never feel cramped or claustrophobic inside your RV. Since a fifth wheel hitches into the bed of a truck, you'll need a large truck to tow one, but they handle better on the road than a travel trailer. If you're a full-time RVer or are planning lengthy, long-distance vacations, a fifth wheel is a great choice for you! LSRV-Breaker

Park model

Destination Trailers

The next best thing to towing your house to your destination is hitching up a park trailer, or destination trailer. These large, residential RVs are designed for long-term or full-time living. They're often 35-45 feet long and feature patio-style sliding doors, large kitchens, separate master suites, lovely décor, picture windows, and so much more. Whether you're settling into a beautiful site in the mountains, by a lake, near the ocean, or on family property, you'll love having all the residential amenities that a destination trailer is equipped with. It tows like a travel trailer, but is designed to stay in one place for an extended period of time. Turn your favorite spot into a vacation destination with a fully-equipped destination trailer. LSRV-Breaker


Toy Haulers

If you like to play hard and live comfortably, then a toy hauler RV is perfect for you! A toy hauler is typically designed with the front half of the RV being the interior living space and the rear half being the cargo garage. The front living space can be as basic as a small kitchen, a bed, and a sofa that share space with the cargo garage, or as large as offering a full master suite, a lovely designer kitchen, and a loft area before you even get to the rear garage! People choose toy haulers because for them, vacation means ultimate outdoor fun with ATVs, snowmobiles, kayaks, bikes, and more. Toy haulers feature garages in various lengths so you can choose a size that best fits your needs, and they come in travel trailer and fifth wheel models. If you like to travel with your fun outdoor toys, then choose a toy hauler for your RV. LSRV-Breaker

Your RV Budget

Once you've determined which type of RV meets your needs the best, it's time to evaluate your budget. One of the best things about the RVing lifestyle is that it's open to anyone and everyone with prices that fit into any budget. Consider a pop-up camping trailer or a lightweight travel trailer if you're working with a tight budget. You can still get loads of great amenities that make camping fun and easy for under $15,000. At Lakeshore RV, we offer financing options to help make your RV dream a reality! LSRV-Breaker Call, text, or come see us in person today to start your RV shopping. Our friendly, knowledgeable sales staff will answer all your questions and will help you find the perfect RV to meet all your needs! Experience a great RV buying experience at Lakeshore RV!
2024 Summer Vacation Special
2024 Summer Vacation Special
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