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Christmas RV Camping

Christmas RV Camping With the holidays quickly approaching, it's time to shift your planning into high gear and either start planning for the arrival of family and friends or figure out when and where you're expected to arrive as a guest. Holidays mean different things for different people, but almost everyone I know looks forward to spending time with those closest to them, even if it does mean kitchens overloaded with hot dishes, crowded dining room tables, and people sleeping on pullout couches. This craziness is just part of the holidays, right? Well, if you are the lucky owner of an RV, you can postpone winterizing your camper and put it to good use this Christmas season to alleviate some of the stress that accompanies the merriment. Whether you're hosting or arriving as a guest with bags in hand and dishes to pass, let's look at how you or your guests can camp in your RV this Christmas and enjoy some privacy during a holiday that can quickly be spoiled by too much togetherness.

Comfy Sleeping Accommodations

Comfy sleeping accommodations in the Keystone Bullet RV RVs such as travel trailers and fifth wheels provide all the comforts of home in the great outdoors so you never have to go without the residential necessities you're used to, even when you're hundreds, or even thousands, of miles from home. And over the holiday season, you can put your RV's amenities to good use for yourself or relatives that are coming to town. Most RVs over 19' long feature sleeping accommodations for at least four people. Some RVs can sleep up to 10 if they have a bunkhouse! This 2017 Keystone Bullet 243BHS travel trailer, with its queen bed, rear double-sized bunk beds, and large U-shaped dinette, can sleep up to 8 people! Instead of asking your guests to sleep on pullout couches, blow-up air mattresses, or to curl up in bed with their cousins, send them outside to this lovely RV where they can stretch out on comfortable mattresses and enjoy a night of quiet, uninterrupted sleep. They can also wake at their leisure and enjoy a simple breakfast at the large dinette before the chaos of endless food and loud chitchat begins.

Convenient Bathroom Accommodations

Convenient bathroom accommodations in the Keystone Summerland RV Since most houses don't have as many bathrooms as there are guests, bathing and freshening up can get a bit hairy! This 2017 Keystone Summerland 2020QB travel trailer offers all the amenities guests would need in order to freshen up in the morning before the celebrating gets underway. With a full bathroom, they can shower and get ready at their own pace and enjoy the space and privacy they desire. No need to awkwardly share a bathroom, wait in the hallway until little Susie is done playing in the tub, or to tote all their toiletries into the bathroom only to realize after they've finished showering that they forgot their towel. Tiptoeing around dressed only in a robe in a house filled with distant relatives or friends is one of the reasons the holidays can be so uncomfortable. Your guests can do all their primping and preening in the RV and arrive at the party dressed to the nines (almost as if they were staying at a 4-star resort!). While everyone staying in your house may be fighting over an open outlet to plug in their hairdryer or banging on the bathroom door because they need to get in to put on makeup, your RV overnighters will already be relaxing with a plate full of appetizers and a drink in their hand. Cheers!

Spacious Kitchen Accommodations

Spacious kitchen accommodations in the Heartland Bighorn RV During a holiday season that puts food at center stage, an RV can also come in handy for its convenient kitchen amenities! This 2017 Heartland Bighorn 3575EL fifth wheel features a center island kitchen that offers a great place to cook side dishes, bake desserts, or store extra food that can't fit in your already overloaded refrigerator or pantry. Utilize the 3-burner stovetop and large oven to make the mashed potatoes or warm the dinner rolls. If guests have brought appetizers or pies that need to be refrigerated, pop them in the RV's fridge until it's time to enjoy them. A kitchen with too many cooks in it can be the most stressful part of putting together a holiday meal. But if you have an extra kitchen right outside your door, you can kiss that aggravation and irritation goodbye! Just like that you've doubled your kitchen space and cut the kitchen craziness in half! Let the good times roll! Whether you use your RV as a peaceful place for your guests or you pack yourself up and head out there to enjoy some quiet, you'll be glad you waited to winterize it so it could be put to good use! While other families are spending their holidays packed like sardines and enjoying a little too much togetherness, you can pat yourself on the back as you stretch out in a house (or RV) that isn't bursting at the seams! Listen closely and you'll be able to hear all your holiday stress melting away.
2024 Final RV Auction
2024 Final RV Auction