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Make a Rain Gauge!

Make a Rain Gauge!Rain, rain, go away …

We’ve all sung this song, hoping to make the rain stop and the sun come out. But when it just doesn’t work, and you and the kids are stuck inside your RV, here’s a quick, fun activity to help pass the time (and measure the rainfall).

Materials needed

  • A 2-liter plastic bottle (cap removed)

  • Scissors

  • Permanent marker

  • Ruler or tape measure

  • Gravel/rocks

  • Tape


Step 1 Make a Rain Gauge!About a few inches from the top of the plastic bottle, draw a line around the bottle.

Step 1 Make a Rain Gauge!

Step 2 Make a Rain Gauge!Puncture the bottle on the line you drew with the tip of the scissors and then cut all the way around the bottle until the top section comes off. This step should be done by an adult!

Make a Rain Gauge!

Make a Rain Gauge!Fill the bottom section with the gravel or rocks, about an inch or two deep.

Make a Rain Gauge!

Make a Rain Gauge!Flip the top section (that you cut off) upside down and slide it into the bottom section of the bottle. Line up the bottle edges so they are flush. The bottle opening (where the cap was) should be facing down toward the gravel/rocks. Use tape to secure them together if they don’t fit tightly.

Make a Rain Gauge!

Make a Rain Gauge!There is a line around the bottle where the middle part of the bottle joins together with the bottom part of the bottle. With the permanent marker, draw a line all the way around this line. Now using the ruler/tape measure, draw lines in regular intervals starting at this line and moving up. Every inch would be a good measure. Label each line with its measurement.

Make a Rain Gauge!

Make a Rain Gauge!Your new rain gauge is ready for a rainy spot. Find a place where it can be wedged between two things so that the wind or rain won’t tip it over. Make sure it’s not under your patio awning or sheltered by trees. It’s not very rainy under there!

Make a Rain Gauge!

Watch the rain fall and your rain gauge rise!

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