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Leaf Animal Art

Encourage your little campers to create masterpieces of art using nature’s most colorful and quirky medium-LEAVES! From pretty butterflies and magnificent peacocks to silly moose and sly foxes, your pint-sized Picassos can make anything their hearts desire!

Leaf Reindeer

To get started, head outdoors with a bag and collect leaves of all shapes, sizes, and colors for this art project. Don’t be stingy! The more leaves, the better. If you see a leaf you love or one with an unusual shape, grab as many of that kind as you can, as you may be able to find tons of creative uses for it. But know that just like snowflakes, no two leaves are the same, so you’ll most likely end up with slightly different legs or antlers. But this gives your leaf animal that fun patchwork look that makes it so unique!
Leaf Dog
When you’re outside looking at the leaves around you, think of how you can use them. Leaves that fan out, such as an Oak, Maple, Walnut, Chestnut, or Hickory, make great antlers. A heart-shaped leaf, like a Cottonwood or Aspen, has a great shape for a head. Leaves with a rounded shape, like a Dogwood, Sweet Birch, or Yellow Poplar, can be used as an animal’s body. For legs or antennae, try finding skinny leaves or needles. If all else fails and you just can’t find the perfect leaves, take matters into your own hands and start tearing away at the leaves you’ve picked up to create the shape you need. But be careful, once a leaf is torn into pieces, it’s not going to go back together very easily.

Don’t limit yourself to just leaves! Also pick up acorns, sticks, stems, berries, flower petals, and other things that you can use for eyes, spots, tails, feet, antennae, and more. You can make almost any animal with just a few leaves, some glue, and a lot of imagination. Have fun!
Leaf Mouse

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2024 Final RV Auction
2024 Final RV Auction