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America the Beautiful RV Sales Event

Lakeshore RV Center

Lakeshore RV Center Ebay America Sale For those of you who have put off your RVing dreams to live the safe, suburban life, it's time to take the plunge into adventure! Starting June 15th, Lakeshore RV will be offering a once-in-a-lifetime promotional opportunity to benefit our customers before the start of a new RVing season. Start the summer off right and take advantage of our America the Beautiful RV Sales Event on eBay today! Lakeshore RV Ebay Sale Computer To qualify for the benefits of the America the Beautiful RV Sales Event, just shop for your dream RV on eBay and when you buy one of the new or used RVs we have up for auction, you'll automatically be entitled to the rewards of this offer. If you've never considered purchasing an RV on eBay, you will once you hear what's in it for you! Camera Camping Rv Ebay Sale Gift Card When you purchase an RV with us through our America the Beautiful RV Sales Event, you won't just get a great deal on your new RV, you'll also get some cash to spend on cool new gadgets that will make the lifestyle even more enjoyable. A $500 eBay gift card will be yours to spend as you wish! Use it to buy a new camera so you can capture all the great memories you make on your RVing adventures or spend it on a cornhole board and have fun family competitions as you camp! With $500 to spend, you can probably get both items and an RV cover too! RV Road Worldwide Delivery Lakeshore RV Here at Lakeshore RV, we are proud to serve customers across nations by offering worldwide delivery, so no matter where you live you can qualify for the advantages of this event. But we don't want the thrill of buying a new RV to be diminished by a delivery fee. To prevent this from happening, the first $250 of your RV shipping cost is on us! Your new RV will come equipped with GPS tracking the whole way so you can count down the days until it arrives! Once delivered, one of our knowledgeable, insured, and trusted drivers will walk you through your new RV so you can get more familiar with the fun-filled lifestyle that lies ahead of you! National Parks Annual Pass Badlands RV Road To help enhance the newfound freedom you'll have in your RV, we're also including a FREE America the Beautiful Annual National Park Pass with this offer! This pass is valid for a full year and it grants you, and the passengers in your vehicle, access to over 2,000 of our nation's most picturesque federal parks located across the U.S. Take a trip north and kayak the breathtaking shores of Lake Superior at the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, or go spelunking in the ethereal caverns of Mammoth Cave National Park! Choose from historic sites, picturesque vistas, or recreational attractions. With so many different destinations to choose from, once you start exploring you'll never want to stop! Lakeshore RV Center Ebay Sale The sooner you check out Lakeshore RV's America the Beautiful RV Sales Event on eBay, the sooner you'll be living the carefree RVing lifestyle! We have a wide variety of RVs up for auction and they all feature detailed photos, specs, and our dealership information so you can contact Lakeshore RV for quick answers to any questions you might have. This incredible event is only on for a limited time, so get a great deal on the good life and start shopping for your dream RV on eBay today!
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