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What Can Fit in an RV Garage?

Toy hauler RVs are popular because of the convenience of the rear garage. Toy haulers make it possible for you to have it all—comfortable overnight accommodations and a toy garage all in one! If you’re planning a weekend camping trip to the beach and think it would be awesome to ride the dunes while you’re there, all you need is a toy hauler that can hold your dune buggies. Or do you and the kids want to go off-roading on your ATVs in the mountains? No problem! There’s a toy hauler for that! The garages on toy haulers vary in dimensions, so it helps to know the sizes of your toys before you purchase a toy hauler. Most toy haulers feature a width of about 8 feet, but it’s the length where you’ll see the most fluctuation. They can range in length from about 7 feet in a small toy hauler to 18 feet in a massive toy hauler. If you’re wondering what can fit in an RV garage, keep reading to learn about the typical sizes and weights of the most popular outdoor toys. And when you’re toy hauler shopping, educate yourself on the different garage dimensions and the cargo carrying capacity (CCC) of each one so that you don’t unknowingly purchase an RV that can’t handle the toys you want to bring along.


ATVs come in various sizes depending on the make and model. They range from smaller, kid-sized versions to large adult models. Kids’ ATVs are usually 35”L x 60”W x 37”H and they typically weigh around 250 lbs. Adult ATVs can be up to 94”L x 46”W x 44”H and can weigh over 800 lbs. but are normally around 72”L.


Side-by-sides come in multiple sizes and can vary greatly in length. A 2-seater model typically has dimensions of 118”L x 59”W x 72”H. The longer 4-seater model measures in at about 150”L x 59”W x 76”H. The smaller ones weigh around 1,300 lbs. and the larger ones weigh around 1,500 lbs.


From small kids’ motorcycles to large motorcycles with sidecars, we’ve seen them all fit inside a toy hauler. Know the sizes of your bikes so you can best determine the right size of toy hauler that you need. Small bikes are typically around 67”L x 31”W x 39”H and weigh about 160 lbs. Larger bikes such as trikes can have dimensions up to 105”L x 99”W x 61”H and can weigh up to 900 lbs. With such a difference in sizes and weights, know before you buy!

Dune Buggies

Dune buggies are great to bring along for a fun weekend on the beach. Small, one-person buggies typically measure in around 53”L x 31”W x 37”H and weigh around 175 lbs. The larger buggies can be as big as 165”L x 78”W x 80”H and can weigh a whopping 1,500 lbs!


Soak up some winter fun with your snowmobiles! Load them up in your toy hauler and hit the road! Kids’ snowmobiles are generally around 72”L x 35”W x 31”H and weigh around 150 lbs. Full-sized snowmobiles are usually around 129”L x 50”W x 51”H and weigh around 500 lbs.

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