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Survivalist RVs That Will Endure An Apocalypse

Lakeshore RV Center

are you ready There are plenty of wild theories floating around regarding a world-altering apocalyptic catastrophe looming in the distance. From alien invasions and zombie outbreaks to religious raptures and robot uprisings, speculation is in no short supply. Whether you believe the end is near or not, being prepared for an apocalyptic event can ease concerns and give you greater peace of mind, however skeptical you may be. So rile up your inner doomsday prepper and check out these survivalist RVs that will endure an apocalypse!

Heartland Road Warrior RW413

Aluminum entry steps welcome you up into the Road Warrior RW413 where you can enjoy a fortress of safety against whatever lurks outside. With the hydraulic six-point leveling system, you can find even terrain with the push of a button, allowing you to set up camp almost anywhere! With the Onan 5.5KW LP Generator, you can still power your systems once the apocalypse has wiped out the electrical grid, and with two auxiliary fuel cells (30-gallon and 20-gallon) you can stock up on gas too. If fuel is hard to come by, you'll still have the upper hand with the solar panel prep that comes standard on this rig. The large 18-cubic-foot refrigerator and kitchen pantry let you stock up on rations, dry goods, and perishables so starvation never becomes a threat to your survival! heartland road warrior

Keystone Hideout 298BHDS

Patented hitch vision technology makes hitching up the Hideout 298BHDS an easy, one-person job, which is great if your traveling party gets caught up with a pack of rogue robots and you need to lead a quick getaway. Other useful features of this RV include over-sized pass-through storage and full-strutted under-bed storage which gives you plenty of options for stocking up on supplies. The hurricane strapped and reinforced structure creates a strong foundation that can withstand cyclone-sized apocalypses. Four heavy-duty stabilizer jacks make it easy to find solid footing, no matter where your safe zones may be located. And with the exterior shower, you can easily clean off that zombie blood before entering your RV. It might be the apocalypse, but that doesn't necessarily mean you want to stain up your interior fabrics with the blood of your enemies. keystone hideout

Forest River Arctic Wolf 265DBH8

With a built-in tire pressure monitor system, you won't ever succumb to the apocalypse at the hands of a blown-out tire. The Arctic Wolf 265DBH8 also includes a one-touch, 24K capacity automatic leveling system which allows you to set up your RV with the single push of a button. Stainless steel appliances provide a durable surface that will hold its own against misuse or rough handling which can be unavoidable in moments of near-death tension. If the apocalypse forces you through a range of climates and temperatures, you'll still stay comfortable with the extreme weather package that comes standard on this rig. A high-circulating ceiling fan will help to reinvigorate the air in the event of an airborne attack. And backup camera prep will give you an extra set of eyes to help spot any approaching hordes of zombies. forest river artic wolf

Keystone Outback 324CG

Tackle any terrain with the leaf spring equalizing suspension system on the Outback 324CG which is perfect for plowing over a cluster of plague-infected mutants without getting them stuck in your axles. With 15" radial tires, you'll have a higher ground clearance, longer tread life, and better overall performance throughout your survival expedition. Have total RV control right in the palm of your hand with the in-command smart automation system, and keep up on what's going on with the outside world using the AM/FM/Bluetooth stereo and HDTV. One of the most useful apocalypse-ready features of this travel trailer is the unique cargo bay at the front of the unit. In addition to housing bunk beds, it also offers a space to load up motorcycles, 4-wheeler jet skis, or dirt bikes. These single-rider vehicles can become very useful when you're in a bind. keystone outback

Forest River Wolf Pup 17CJ

This bare-bones RV is a simple survival vehicle that gives you the edge when it comes to agility, stealth, and convenience. With the extra-wide 26" door, you won't have any problems loading large equipment inside. High impact front metal makes it easy to ram through barriers without sustaining damage to your RV. The Wolf Pup 17CJ also features external scare lights that can alert you of nearby threats, and exit windows just in case you need to make a quick escape. The one-piece walkable decked roof provides the perfect place to mount weaponry so you have a protected area to snipe zombies, robots, or thieves. And with its aerodynamic front profile and compact design, you can achieve high speeds when your survival depends on it! forest river wolf pup While we can hope that the end of days is far off in the distance, it's better to be safe than sorry! So pick up one of these survivalist RVs and conquer whatever cataclysmic event this world throws at you. And until the apocalypse arrives, you can still use your RV for fun activities like camping with your family or traveling with friends! Which RV would you choose to endure an apocalypse? Leave us a comment and let us know!
2024 Summer Vacation Special
2024 Summer Vacation Special
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