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Cozy Up In These Perfect RVs Ready For The Winter Cold

Lakeshore RV Center

RVs perfect for winter Despite its wind chills, gray skies, and low temperatures, winter can still be an enjoyable season to hitch up your RV and head out for some cold-weather adventure! If you plan on partaking in winter RVing excursions, cozy up in these perfect RVs ready for the winter cold!

Keystone Montana

Keystone Montana RV With the four seasons living package which comes standard on Montana models, you'll stay warm and cozy this winter! The package includes an insulated and enclosed underbelly and 12V electric tank heaters to protect against costly freeze damage. R-21 insulation is used on the main floor, and the slide-out floors are also shielded against the cold with R-15 insulation. The roof features radiant technology R-38 insulation, and the walls feature double-layered R-11 insulation. The heated central exterior water and convenience center includes an outdoor shower, water heater bypass, and enclosed low-point drains for maximum functionality. Floor plans like the Montana 3810MS offer luxurious winter features like two fireplaces and a massive walk-in closet that lets you bring along all your bulky winter apparel.

Forest River Arctic Wolf

Forest River Arctic Wolf RV With the extreme weather package included on most all Arctic Wolf models, even the coldest climates don't stand a chance against these fifth wheels. The powerful 35K BTU furnace will radiate heat in the interior while the high-performance ceiling fan will help to most efficiently circulate that heat evenly throughout the trailer. Upgraded arctic insulation will trap in your heat and keep the cold winds out. No matter where you travel, you won't have to worry about your tanks and lines bursting thanks to the heated and enclosed underbelly. Floor plans such as the Arctic Wolf 265DBH8 feature a convenient bunkhouse which allows the whole family to join in and enjoy winter camping adventures! With the option for a 5200 BTU fireplace, you can make this fifth wheel even cozier!

Keystone Raptor

Keystone Raptor RV With an R-38 insulated roof, R-9 insulated walls, and an R-31 insulated floor, the Raptor models are heavily protected against cold air infiltration. While your insulation works to keep the chill out, it also works to trap in the heat being produced from your mighty 35K-BTU furnace. Heat is also ducted into your garage so no matter where you are in this toy hauler, you'll stay comfortable. A heated and enclosed underbelly helps to prevent any damage that can result from freezing liquid in your water lines and tanks. Floor plans such as the Raptor 425TS feature a sprawling king-sized bed and two sizable reclining sofas so you'll have plenty of seating options for when you want to snuggle up with a cup of cocoa and a warm blanket!

Heartland Bighorn

Heartland Bighorn RV With top-quality construction and massive amounts of insulation, the Bighorn models are made to withstand cold climates while keeping you comfortable. Block foam insulation is featured throughout, while the floor is reinforced with thermo-board luan and flex foil R-14 insulation. Your roof is also well-protected with R-34 insulation. A heated and enclosed underbelly works with your large insulated slam-baggage doors to prevent freeze damage from occurring. Inside your fifth wheel you'll stay warm and toasty with the high-efficiency 42K-BTU furnace. Floor plans such as the Bighorn 3010RE even come standard with an electric fireplace built in below the entertainment center so you can enjoy the radiant heat as you kick back in your swivel glider recliner and enjoy a soothing back rub with its power massaging capabilities!

Keystone Sprinter

Keystone Sprinter RV With the performance insulation package that comes standard on both the fifth wheel and travel trailer Sprinter models, your interior will be a tropical paradise when there's a blizzard outside of your RV. The package includes AstroFoil layering throughout. Insulation values are R-30 for the floor, R-28 for the roof, and R-20 for the front wall. Your enclosed underbelly features a direct vent heat to ensure that freezing temperatures can't wreak havoc on your systems. A 35K-BTU auto-ignition furnace helps supply heat to these lower areas. A digital thermostat makes it easy to manage the internal temperature of your interior. Most models also include a fireplace for added heating capabilities. Floor plans such as the Sprinter 332DEN even feature a unique L-shaped dinette table with bench seating and freestanding chairs to give you a great gathering space to escape the cold! Now that you have an assortment of winter-ready RVs to choose from, make sure you stay safe with it out there on the slippery roadways by checking out these winter RV travel tips!
2024 Final RV Auction
2024 Final RV Auction