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Beating the MSRP Price One RV At a Time

Lakeshore RV Center

save your time save your money At Lakeshore RV, we don't prioritize our profit margins over our customers. Instead, we operate on a service model that balances out great bargains for our customers with worthwhile sales for our staff. Because our price points aren't entirely based on making the most profit possible, we are continuously selling our products near wholesale prices and far below the manufacturer's suggested retail prices (MSRP). To create a sense of transparency, we want share with you how we are able to offer RVs at much lower rates than our competitors, and how we intend to keep beating the MSRP, one RV at a time.

Saving You Money - Part One

Lakeshore RV is located right in the heart of Muskegon, MI, a shoreline town that's less than 3 hours away from Indiana. Close to the Indiana border you'll find the cities of Elkhart and Goshen, both of which are home to popular RV manufacturers like Forest River, Heartland, and Keystone. Our close proximity to these production factories makes our invoice costs for freight and delivery charges drastically cheaper than other dealerships. And these savings get passed down directly to our customers! in close proximity

Saving You Money - Part Two

For anyone who has ever stopped by Lakeshore RV or walked through our easy-to-browse dealership lot, you know that we have a massive inventory of RVs available. Because of the high quantities of our purchase orders and the huge volumes that we can accommodate, manufacturers are able to offer us significantly lower wholesale prices. And a lowered cost to us means a lower cost for our customers. So not only are we able to offer you one of the largest and most comprehensive selections of RVs, but we can offer them at prices far below our competitors and far below the MSRP. stock

Disregarding the MSRP

While the manufacturer suggested retail price is displayed on our RV listings, it is not an accurate representative of the price that you will pay for that RV. The cost to our customers is never at or above the MSRP, and it's important to keep this in mind when you're shopping around. While we are contractually obligated to refrain from posting our prices online (click here to find out why), we do feel it is important to give our customers an accurate number as to what they will pay for the product that they are interested in, especially because we are so proud of the prices that we are able to offer! disregarding the msrp

Taking Advantage Of Price Requests

When browsing for your new RV online, we make it easy for you to find out how much lower we come in under the MSRP. You have the option of completing a price request, or you can contact a representative directly by texting him/her for an instant quote! We don't make you jump through hoops and we aren't looking to pressure you into a purchase. We just want to make it easy for you to get the lowest price in the nation while still respecting the connections and confidentiality of our RV manufacturers. beat msrp So if you're browsing for your next RV and the MSRP induces a sense of sticker shock, don't panic! Just fill out a price request or text a representative, and then brace for unbeatable savings!