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2024 Final RV Auction
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Beautiful America and Experiencing the RV Lifestyle

Beautiful America and Experiencing the RV Lifestyle The world is just waiting to be discovered and there's no better way to explore it than in an RV! With the cost of airfare, hotels, and restaurants, buying an RV isn't just exciting, it can also dramatically save you money on future vacations. Aside from the financial benefits of owning an RV, there's also the added benefit of getting to experience the land in an intimate and independent way that is just not possible with conventional vacationing. If you're finally ready to take your trips up a notch and truly experience beautiful America, there's no better way to take that journey than in an RV! LSRV-Breaker

Take you RV to the mountains for some winter skiing

Flexible Versatility

RVs are the vacation getaways that keep on giving. Even when it's just parked in the driveway, you can still use your RV at home in a number of different ways. Maybe when it's not in use, your RV temporarily becomes your knitting sanctuary or perhaps your kids' sleepover shack. You don't have to park your RV away after the summer season ends though; you can keep the adventures going year-round! Many of today's RVs come standard with heated and enclosed underbellies to let you travel comfortably in climates both hot and cold! This ability opens the door for a range of fun winter activities such as snowshoeing or ice fishing! Whether your idea of vacationing is sightseeing and staying in an RV park or seeking solitude and sleeping in the wilderness, RVs are versatile enough for both glitzy campgrounds and dry camping sites. LSRV-Breaker

Cook healthy meals in your RV

True Freedom

Eating out can get expensive, especially in tourist troves and attraction-filled metropolises. When you travel in an RV however, you get the valuable luxury of taking your own personal kitchen with you wherever you go! This luxury lets you cook meals in practical portions because you can easily store the leftovers. If you want to hit the open road without having to hand all of your money over to a waiter, traveling in an RV is hands down the best way to satisfy your appetite on a budget. Aside from saving you some money, eating in is often the healthier option too. For those who live with dietary restrictions, you understand the challenge of having to peruse menus looking for a suitable meal that isn't deep-fried, slathered, or just the same simple salad you had at the last restaurant. Having a portable kitchen lets you stock up on fresh veggies and fruits so you can have control over the contents and the quality of your meals. In an RV, you have the freedom to opt for gourmet and healthy meals like this recipe for grilled lemon chicken with feta rice, rather than frequenting greasy fast-food chains out of convenience. The freedom of the RVing lifestyle isn't all about food choices though, it's also about independence. Owning an RV maximizes your power to dictate not just your destinations, but your journey too! RVing is the best mode of transport for those who wish to travel with pets, and it is undoubtedly the most enjoyable way for your pets to travel. For solo road warriors and women who roam, RVs are more than just vehicles to get from one place to the next, they are liberating tools that aid in the ability to travel safely and self-sufficiently. LSRV-Breaker

Enjoy biking with family on your RV trip

Tons of Fun

RVs are gateways to a more fun and less stressful life! They encourage you to interact, explore, and engage with the world around you. While the feature-filled interiors of today's RVs might be attention grabbing, it's the moments spent outside of the RV that make the lifestyle so sweet. Enjoy leisurely days of lawn games like washer toss or yard darts, or challenge your fellow campers to a competitive round of cornhole. If you're more of a thrill seeker, RVing to the mountain biking trails or trekking to the spelunking caves might be more your style! If you're in the market for some family-friendly fun, RVs dramatically enhance your options. Share your love of the outdoors with your children and set up a nature scavenger hunt during your next weekend camping excursion, or gather around the picnic table and make creative animal leaf art together! When you set off in an RV, you never know what fun times will lie ahead. Maybe you'll find yourself exploring the landscape on a 4-wheeler jet ski or relaxing under the forest canopy in a hammock hot tub. Maybe you'll discover your new favorite fishing spot or unknowingly photograph a moment in time that stays with you forever. After all, it might be the fun that draws you to the RVing lifestyle, but it's the memories that really make the whole thing worthwhile! LSRV-Breaker

Take an RV trip to lake superior with the family or love one

Endless Adventures

The freedom of RVs lets you define your own adventure. Whether you are a freshly-growing family or a recently-freed retired couple, an RV gives you the most flexibility in tailoring your experiences to fit your own unique interests. Take amazing family-oriented trips to places like Oswald's Bear Ranch or Tahquamenon State Park. Paddle a kayak down the shores of Lake Superior to see the stunning sights of the Pictured Rocks or fight your fears and explore a few of Michigan's spookiest ghost towns. If your holiday traditions are growing dull and could use some spicing up, consider celebrating the festivities in new and exciting ways. When you travel in an RV, another adventure always awaits you just a bit further up the road! The fun of owning an RV extends beyond the moments you spend inside of it. It is a lifestyle that impacts the way you perceive the world and your own personal possibilities within it. Put the excuses to rest and let yourself experience all the wonder and beauty this world has to offer you. It's never too late to start living out your dreams! Have you ever gone RVing before? Share your experience with us in the comments below!
2024 Final RV Auction
2024 Final RV Auction