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Christmas Ideas for the RV Owner

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If you have an RVer on your Christmas shopping list, getting them something they can use out on the road is the key to the perfect gift! RVing isn’t just a fun thing, it’s a lifestyle and picking out something that compliments that side of them is one way to show how much you care! Here are some Christmas ideas for the RV owner!



For the tech savvy RVer, electronics are always a great choice. The more that technology advances, the more tools are out there to help campers make their trip easier and more enjoyable! Here are some great things that any RVer would love to add to their tool kit!

GPS Devices

Why would an RVer need a GPS if they have a phone with one on it? Most RVers are going to be heading to places where cell signal is diminished, possibly even nonexistent. Dedicated GPS devices work not only with the satellites but with the Wide Area Augmentation System. This system consists of stations on the ground that help send signals to the satellites. Not only is this a more reliable system in general, but it also doesn’t triangulate your location the way the phone does, so it’s more accurate. A dedicated GPS can locate your location within 2 meters. A phone can be off by as much as 100 meters! Out in the woods this is a huge deal and could ultimately lead to someone getting lost easily. Other great benefits of a GPS device over a phone include a longer battery life, a sturdier build (most are waterproof and can take a beating), and a screen that doesn’t wash out in bright sunlight as most phones do.

Satellite Radio

If you have ever taken a road trip and had to look for new stations as you travel, you know that can be frustrating. The signal always seems to fade just as your favorite songs come on too! Satellite radio stations work anywhere so you don’t have to find a new station with music you like from town to town. Considering the amount of time the RVer spends on the road, a system like this would be very handy. You can even prepay for a yearly subscription so the gift isn’t going to cost them anything up front.

Cooking Gearcookware

Making home-cooked meals while on the road has many benefits. Not only is it less expensive than eating out, but the meals are generally much healthier. Here are some great cooking items an RVer can use either in an RV kitchen or out at the campfire!

Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron makes things taste better! And you can put it right into the campfire without damaging it! Great things to look for are Dutch ovens, griddles, frying pans, and sauce pans. Combine different sizes into a set and make a happy camper!

Portable Grill

Having a portable grill, especially one that can mount to the bumper of the RV, can really make an RVer's day! Not only does fresh-caught fish taste much better grilled than fried, but it allows the cook to stay where he wants to be most while cooking--outside! Use it for burgers, chicken, s'mores, and more!

Camping Gearcamping gear

Most RVers really only go inside to sleep or get away from bad weather. Getting them things they can use outdoors will make them smile ear to ear! Some things they can use are:

    • Fire starters

    • Swiss Army knife

    • Binoculars

    • Folding camp chairs

    • Solar charger

    • Patio mat

    • Walkie talkies

Other Ideasother

If none of the above fits the RVer on your list, don’t lose hope! We still have more things in mind that they will love! Here is a list of other items they may find useful! And most are pretty easy for you to pick up, too!

    • Rolls of quarters (great for all the vending machines along the road trip and the laundry facilities at the campground!)

    • Gift cards (gas stations are especially good!)

Whether the RVer you know heads out for a weekend here and there or lives in their RV full time, they will love the above gift ideas. Remember, it’s the thought that counts! The fact that you have taken the steps to even find this post lets you know you’re on the right track!
2024 Final RV Auction
2024 Final RV Auction