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Great Chargers for Devices

We live in an age of technology that is always at our fingertips. Even when we pack up the RV and head out to escape our busy schedules and surround ourselves in nature, we most often bring our devices along with us for the "just in case" reasons. But if our devices aren't charged, they aren't much good when a "just in case" reason happens, so it's important that you travel with a charger for your device. Below are some great chargers for devices that can be used in both the car and the RV!

Imagine you're headed to your destination and both your phone and your spouse's phone are dying at the same time. You're already bickering over who gets to plug in first and then you hear "Oh no!" from the back seat as your child's tablet is dying. This tablet may be the only thing that is keeping everyone sane on this trip, but you also need a phone for directions. Now you can plug them all in and keep everyone happy! The Multi-Use Vehicle Charger PLUS w/ Dual USB Ports & 12 Volt Sockets turns one DC outlet into two DC outlets and two USB ports! You can charge 4 devices on one cigarette lighter!!! The 15amp fuse in the unit itself protects the fuses in your car and offers added security in the event of a power surge. This charger also has the ability to be hard wired right into the car so you can still use the lighter if needed.

Once you get to your destination you may want to just plug in your devices and get outside. You want to ensure everything is charged up and ready for your departure and don't want to have to keep running inside the RV to check on them to know when to switch them. The Powermod Charging Strip with AC Wall Power Supply is a great addition to your RV! It has 3 standard USB charging ports and one Quick Charge 2.0 port. This strip comes with an AC or DC adapter depending on where you plan to use it, but both can easily be added to your order so you can take it back and forth from the RV to the car. The Quick Charge 2.0 port will charge a device that has Qualcomm Quick Charge technology. This is up to 75% faster than the standard charging time so you can spend less time waiting for your device.

How do you keep your devices charged while living your RV dream? Share your electronics tips in the comments!

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