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Replacing Your RV’s Furniture


If you have an older RV and are looking to renovate your interior, it’s a great way to modernize your space. Like many traditional homes, RV projects can become endless but with each improvement you add character and personality of your own. A key to renovating your RV is to complete each project before starting another one. Once the more intricate projects are completed you can move on to the decor. Often Rv owners replace the dark, outdated furniture with brighter, modern pieces that you would find in a more traditional home. Updating your pre-owned RVs furniture will make it feel like more of a home away from home.


Measuring Your Current Furniture

The first step in replacing your furniture in your RV is to measure your current pieces to know what will git in your space. This commonly is your recliners, couches, dinette table and chairs. Be sure to measure the length, width and height of each furniture piece. The height and width of your new piece doesn’t necessarily have to stay the same as your old piece. Be careful with extending your width as it will extend into the living space. Make sure you write the measurements down to refer to as needed.


Removing Your Old Furniture

Once you have your Rv measurements, you will need to remove the old furniture. This can be fairly simple or much more difficult depending on the size of your front door. You will need to start by unbolting the furniture from the floor. SInce most RV furniture is assembled inside the RV, there’s a good chance it will not fit through the door in one piece. If this is the case, you need to disassemble the pieces to remove it from inside your RV.


Shop for New Furniture Pieces

There are numerous options for updated furniture selections for your RV. Ikea has a line of furniture that is for small spaces like RVs. Many furniture stores have furniture geared towards smaller areas. Many people opt for a futon when replacing their RV couch. These work well for RVs since they double as a bed when you have guests who need a space to sleep. Most RV couches are sleeper sofas so it is beneficial to replace it with a new couch that also serves as a bed. Just make sure you find one that fits your space. You will also want a couch that compliments the new colors of your renovation. Many RV owners switch to more neutral tones to decorate with pops of color with their pillows and decor.

When updating RV reclining chairs, you have plenty of options. You can replace an older recliner with a new one or choose to go the route of an accent chair. Make sure you choose a chair that coordinates with your couch. You can also choose to remove your RV recliner and add a bookshelf, accent table, ottoman, or bench to that space as well. The options are endless.

If you need to replace your dinette, the most common choice for an RV renovation is a table and chairs. There are also many options to choose from; the key is to select something that fits your measurements.


Installing Your New Furniture

Once you have selected all of your new furniture pieces, you must bring them inside your RV to assemble them. Follow the package instructions to put each piece together and side it into the appropriate place. You must then anchor down your furniture to the floors and walls. This will ensure you can travel around safely without it sliding. Bolting furniture to the floor is easy. For dining chairs, most RV owners use a hook system to keep them in place while you travel. Once the new furniture is installed you can decorate.


Upgrading your RV furniture can bring your old RV into the modern times. New furniture changes the look and value of your RV. If you’re in the market for an older Used RV, look no further than Lakeshore RV in Muskegon, Michigan. We have several pre-owned RVs that you can upgrade to give it your own personality and character. We offer financing and delivery options. Shop online or call us today! 231-788-2040

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