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Why We Don't Post Our Prices Online

Lakeshore RV Center

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If you’ve ever wondered why we don’t post our RV prices online, you’re not alone. A common question we are asked is, “Why don’t you post your prices online?” We want to offer some insight into why we don’t post our prices online.

Here at Lakeshore RV, we pride ourselves on having a very close relationship with all of our RV manufacturers. Our relationships span decades and we have always worked together for the benefit of our customers. In doing so, we must retain some proprietary information that helps us deliver our best deals to you, our customer.


Lakeshore RV is located near the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan in Muskegon, Michigan. Many of our manufacturers, such as Heartland and Keystone, are located just a stones throw away from us in Indiana. With our close proximity to their manufacturing facilities, we are given great delivery rates. But other dealerships aren’t so lucky. The further a dealership is from an RV manufacturer’s location, the more they will have to pay to transport the new RVs to their lot. This variation in delivery fee effects the sales price that a dealership assigns to their RVs. The contracts we have with our manufacturers specifically state that we are not to publicly post our sales prices due to a number of factors, delivery fee being one of them.

When our customers buy or order an RV from us, often there are add-ons, upgrades, and packages that they wish to be added. And sometimes we’re offered a trade-in toward the purchase of a new RV. This all effects the price of the unit from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on the specific options that are being added or the unit that is being offered as a trade-in. So a posted sales price could be quite deceiving (and inaccurate) given that it doesn’t include any of this additional information. In our mission to be straightforward and honest with you, our customer, we would rather work directly with you on price, taking into account your RV needs and our current specials and deals when putting together your RV package.


As the RV dealership with the lowest prices anywhere, Lakeshore RV would love to be able to share our prices with you online. We are confident that our prices are the lowest in the country and can’t be beat by any dealership, anywhere. You’ll find this when you shop with us. But given our manufacturer contract restraints and the fluctuations in price due to options and trade-ins, any posted price would not reflect our best price. And if it’s not our best price, then we don’t want to post it!

At Lakeshore RV, our goal is to provide the lowest prices and the best shopping experience for our valued customers. It’s no mistake that we are one of the top RV dealerships in the nation when it comes to low prices and huge selection. Visit us in person or online today to see why our customers choose us as their #1 RV dealership!
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